Light blue color gemstones meaning and names

Light blue color gemstones meaning and names

Like the orange, light blue color gems is associated with the flow and communication at all levels of the universe, starting from the cell and ending with the interstellar.

It is contributing to the solution of problems related to tension, friction or frustration, and delays in the movement. Ancient doctors used this color in their healing of burns, inflammation and gout.

[good title=””] Light blue color is the opposite of red, and always resists manifestation high energy.[/good]

This color in its various shades seen in the integration of green and blue colors. Given that green energy is directly related to the heart center, and blue with chakra throat Vishudha, it is reasonable to conclude that the blue energy helps clear expression of the true desires of the heart, which is undoubtedly an integral part of every human life, its secret.

Light blue is an additional source of vital energy, reinforced by the clarity of evaluation and expression of our feelings and desires. If stress and illness – to the impossibility of exhausting, the energy of light blue gems or light blue dresses can help you.

Physically, this color is associated with the chakras of eyebrow and throat, and thus with organs of the body as the neck, throat, face, eyes, ears, nose, mouth and forehead.

On an emotional level light blue forms flows, promote understanding, compassion, acceptance and approval, reduces irritability, when something or someone is “against the grain”, contributes to competent self-expression, strongly opposing the selfish angry pulsion energy red.

Light blue color is associated with communication, expression in a reasonable manner and the knowledge that just needed a man in the social conditions of our existence. We need to communicate and exchange information, and any exclusion in this regard, for the most part, emotionally and psychologically destructive. When the light blue energy in abundance, its supercooling effect may lead to alienation and isolation.

Lightblue color promotes penetration into the soul of where live the inspiration and imagination, and developed with the help of his own intuition can adequately assess the information from these spiritual treasures and take it properly, that is, by faith, and opportunities.

The obvious symptoms of lightblue color imbalance are:
1. Problems with the larynx, laryngitis, sore throats, tonsillitis
2. Lack of inspiration and creativity.
3. Excess cold
Along with the blue light dresses can be used green color, which in this case very well manifest itself as a sedative.

Light blue gems are lightblue topaz, aquamarine, blue lace agate, lightblue calcite, lapis lazuli, blue quartz, light blue tourmaline or indikolite, chrysocolla, gem-silica, amazonite, marsh agate, emerald.

Light bluish energy of turquoise helps to reveal their desire for understanding and perception of the outside world.

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