Virgo birthstone gems and jewelry

Virgo birthstone gems and jewelry

Virgo shows a peculiar interest in all sorts of little things and details of the surrounding world.
Sign members can enthusiastically engage in business that would seem unbearably boring for others.

Virgos are also interested in collecting, internal structure and principle of things; they need to have variety in their lives and a constant change of feelings. Fault-finding feature of the sign is a direct result of the ability to notice the slightest flaws.
The sign members are often interest in healthy lifestyles.

VIRGO birthstone :

August, 21 – diamond
August, 22 – amber
August, 23 – zircon
August, 24 – amazonite
August, 25 – amazonite
August, 26 – jade
August, 27 – carnelian
August, 28 – aventurine
August, 29 – diamond
August, 30 – serpentine
August, 31 – rhodonite
September, 1 – topaz
September, 2 – jasper
September, 3 – chrysoprase
September, 4 – obsidian
September, 5 – cat’s eye
September, 6 – emerald
September, 7 – rhinestone
September, 8 – pearls
September, 9 – jasper
September, 10 – jadeite
September, 11 – tourmaline
September, 12 – tourmaline
September, 13 – onyx
September, 14 – tiger eye
September, 15 – amber
September, 16 – jasper
September, 17 – amethyst
September, 18 – serpentine
September, 19 – bloodstone (heliotrope)
September, 20 – hematite
September, 21 – chrysoprase
September, 22 – coral

Birthstone for August and September:
aventurine, bloodstone , rhinestone, jadeite, serpentine, cat’s eye
jade, onyx, carnelian, peridot, tiger eye, jasper.

Not recommended gemstones for zodiac sign Virgo:

turquoise, hematite, malachite, obsidian.

VIRGO zodiac gems horoscope

Virgo likes the diversity of the surrounding world, and the Sun in this sign is characterized by the ability to simultaneously direct energy into many things, constantly switching from one class of activity to another. It is difficult for Virgo to concentrate on one thing, because she like no one else realizes that the life consists of a large number of interacting processes. If she would concentrate on only one aspect – the rest will go awry.

The most noticeable feature of the sign is the desire to delve into the details and peculiarities of things around. Sometimes these details are so small that other people do not notice them.
Because of that feature Virgos are interested in cases that would seem boring for others, and they are reliable performers of routine tasks.

It is believed that the Virgo’s gemstone – rhinestone – would help the sign to focus, to improve speech and to sharpen the thought processes.
Jade – another gemstone of Virgo – was a favorite stone of the alchemists in Middle Ages.

Owners of the Sun in Virgo are inherent collectors. Experience shows that the vast majority of collectors in some way related to that sign. One Virgo would collect stamps, other – car models, the third – the icons, the fourth – lovers.
In order to satisfy the desire of diversity it is necessary for Virgo to have a large number of different objects or material evidences of identity, among them is a talisman of serpentine stone, which can become a symbol of knowledge.

The decision making is not the easiest issue for the owner of the Sun in Virgo. Instead of choosing one option out of many possible solutions, Virgo would try almost every one of them. And then relying on obtained experience and after a long consideration would prompt you to select just two or three options – but in any case not the only one.

In terms of the health Virgo has an advantage – the ability to increases efficiency of the organism. Sun in Virgo efficiently organizes physiological processes, while not wasting large amounts of energy (which the sign is lack of).

It is quite difficult for Virgo do deal with excessive amount of stress, and therefore to maintain the health Virgo needs a regular routine of life, proper nutrition, adequate but not excessive exercises.

One of the birthstones of the Virgo sign – heliotrope – regarded as a stone which forms a strong protective energy field that can protect the owner of the stone from the negative influences. A decoration with “tiger eye” will help to quickly deal with fatigue and overcome stress.

It is of Great importance for Virgo to communicate with wildlife, since the body of the sign is able to generate energy contact with animals, plants, minerals, and through this connection sign members can adjust their spiritual condition.
Charms and pendants made from jade can be presented for Virgos who love to grow plants, since the beneficial effect of jadeite extends on the flora world.

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