Blue gemstones meaning, energy, names

Blue gemstones meaning

Blue color associated with communication, intuition, ability to listen with ears and on a spiritual level, it is a color of teachers.
As a remedy, he helps to keep peace and protect the aura.

Blue color is the color of creativity and mind control.
Before you do a new creative and intellectual effort requiring large project, put on a beautiful ring or pendant with blue stones – patterned agate or wear blue dress.

If you think you have something too passionate or too listen to the opinions of others and borrow other people’s thoughts, put on jewelry with blue gems, imparting thinking independence.
Beautiful blue sapphire will also give you the power to declare your independence, while at the same time you will not be ashamed of himself.

For Tibetan Buddhists, and Egyptian blue color stone is a symbol of transcendent wisdom, it is the truth.
For Christians, blue and white are the colors of the Virgin Mary, Mother of God, and alienation from the material world.
In Poland, the bride’s house paint in blue. Blue dresses are suitable for schoolchildren.

The color indigo is associated with a third eye and intuition, chakra Ajna.
In spiritual terms it symbolizes the aspiration to the sublime. He opens the third eye, and helps more sober look at the world around us.

Blue gemstones names are sapphire, lapis lazuli.

Therefore, it is not the color that should be used when trying to get rid of depression or if you wish to achieve balance energourovney in a case with it without activating flowers in lengthy procedures.

Physically, this color is associated with such bodies as the face, eyes, ears, nose, mouth and forehead.

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