Quartz gemstone: meaning, properties, jewelry, photo

Quartz gemstone: meaning, properties, uses, power, jewelry, photo


Quartz is one of the most common minerals on our planet. From a chemical point of view it is a silicon dioxide. In other words, the usual sand and translucent glass bottles can safely be called quartz. The most characteristic impurities of quartz formed by compounds of iron and aluminum. Sometimes quartz forms intergrowths with feldspar – so-called graphic pegmatites.

Despite the seeming simplicity of the structure, quartz stone takes many different guises, forming a large group of minerals, diverse in form and color. In jewelry valued its various crystal types. It is worth recalling that the transparent quartz crystals are usually called rock crystal.

Purple amethyst gem is the same kind of quartz.Yellow crystals of quartz called citrine (from the Latin citreus meaning “lemon”). Sometimes quartz color is milky, pink and blue. There are also kind of smoky quartz. Occurs quartz gemstone is almost black, and his call morion. Green Quartz has a name praziolite.
Quartz properties
Crystalline quartz variants are the basis of chalcedonies. Interesting option quartz are stones with typical shimmering on the surface – “cat eye”, “falcon” and “tiger’s eye”. Curiously transparent variety of quartz with inclusions of very fine needles of rutile crystals or goethite. Such stones are called differently: “Hair of Venus”, “arrows of Cupid”.

The origin of the modern term «quartz» is not clear. According to one version, the German word quarz goes through to the Saxon “querertz”, which meaning is “cross-vein”. Another point of view, the term quarz started from crystalline silica names – “cross-course-spor”.

Of all the varieties of silicon oxide particularly distinguished amethyst quartz. As the name implies, it has a distinctive purple color. In this regard, this is similar to the quartz purple fluorite. Unlike classical amethyst gemstones, amethyst quartz is opaque. The second characteristic feature – the white concentric circles, so-called zone of growth. In production from the cabochons these white bands are usually visible.

The deposits of amethyst quartz exist in Brazil, Madagascar and southern Africa. Unique amethyst quartz deposit located in Tajikistan. The extracted there opaque pieces of quartz are known among the local population as “stones of Tamerlane.” Amethyst quartz has long been used for the manufacture of jewelry and various masonry products (balls, eggs, handicrafts). In St. Petersburg, State Hermitage top, made of amethyst quartz. Most of this mineral is used as an ornamental for making quarz beads and carved figurines.

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quartz, especially the colored varieties, traditionally cut various jewelry pendants. Particularly often used for these purposes rose quartz and green prase. A very elegant quarz jewelry are obtained from quartz with inclusions of very fine needles.

Products from quartz are inexpensive and sometimes there are no less beautiful than things, adorned with a precious stone. Note the quartz, if the natural beauty of the mineral means more for you than the desire to show others their high solvency.

Quartz is most common of the minerals, but due to hardness and brilliance, he is ideally suited for use in jewelry. In crystalline form, it forms two semi variations: amethyst and citrine. The latter is often confused with topaz, a much more valuable mineral.

There is also a pink quartz, which, in the absence of visible defects (which happens rarely), can be taken for pink tourmaline, so it better check a refractometer.
Quartz stones with not visible crystalline structure forms is a set of semi-precious materials, not of particular value. In a translucent version of it called chalcedony, green variety is sometimes issued for jade, it is also blue, pink and other colors. The index of quartz refraction just below, about 1,53, but in practice to verify that material has rarely because of its low cost. This group includes the onyx, a mixture of black and white varieties (rather than the pale-green mineral is mistakenly called the same name, which in reality is a kind of alabaster); jadeite; sardonyx (a mixture of brown and white varieties, often used for cameos); bloodstone (green with red veins) and agate gem.

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It is believed that quartz crystals have the receptive energy Yin. They are able to influence the chakra Sahasrara and Ajna chakra. Connoisseurs stones claim that the amulet amethyst quartz can ward off depression and to assign its owner’s foresight.

Modern lithotherapists recommend leaked to drink mineral water through a filter – a special mixture of crystals of quartz. You can also insist the water on quartz. It is believed that this water has on the human body healing and stimulating effect. Not surprisingly, this is so. After all, life-giving nature of water springs too often passes through layers of quartz.

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