Lapis lazuli gemstone: meaning, properties, uses, jewelry, photo

Lapis lazuli gemstone: meaning, properties, uses, power, jewelry, photo


Lapis lazuli is an aluminosilicate of sodium and calcium bright blue, violet-blue or greenish-blue color. Such nuances are due to the presence of sulfur ions. Single crystals of lapis lazuli are very rare, they are smaller than a pea.

In Assyria, Babylon and ancient Egypt lapis lazuli gem was one of the most expensive stones. Figures from lapis lazuli found in Egyptian pyramids. In ancient China, this stone was a symbol of power. According to legend, the laws of Moses were cut corundum on the boards of lapis lazuli. In the ancient Russia from imported lapis lazuli icon painters were doing the expensive blue paint.

Name of stone, which appeared in medieval times, dates back to the Arabic word “ozul” meaning “sky”, and to the Persian “lazurite” meaning “blue”. Not accidentally lapis lazuli in the East often figuratively described as “stone of heaven.” In Russia, this stone is affectionately nicknamed «lazurik». In the Middle East lazurite sometimes was called sapphire.
Lapis lazuli birthstone
The richest of lapis lazuli deposits are in Afghanistan, where among the lapis-lazuli distinguish the following classes: a valuable “niili” (indigo blue), less valuable “asmani” (sky blue) and cheap “sufsi” (greenish-blue).

Well-known deposits of lapis lazuli exist in China, Tibet, the Pamir, in India, Burma, in Africa, Canada and the USA. Rich deposits of this mineral have the Tajikistan and Afghanistan. Lapis lazuli mines in Badakhshan are considered to be the oldest of the existing mines.

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Lapis lazuli is the jewelry and precious stones, whose value depends on the intensity of color. The most prized bright blue or purple lapis lazuli. In the XIX century Badakhshan lapis lazuli highest quality was assessed by weight as silver. In Russia, the Hermitage exhibit lined tabletops and lapis lazuli vase, carved out of monolithic stone.

Buying lapis lazuli jewelry, remember that in artificial light this mineral does not look as attractive as in sunlight.

Unlike most of the materials used in jewelry, lapis lazuli is rather a mixture of different minerals: lazurite , hauynite sodalite and give it a blue color, flakes of pyrites – a characteristic shine, and calcites create white areas are visible in low-quality materials.

Best samples are homogeneous saturated blue color, characteristic of the stone mined in Afghanistan. The most common imitation of lapis lazuli is painted jasper , which is called “Swiss lapis.”

Lapis lazuli beads is difficult to check on the refractometer, it is possible, where the stone is flat faces, in this case the device can determine the refractive index of 1.50, although the indications are unclear. “Swiss lapis” is usually not such a saturated hue, closer to the green, after grinding glitters is much stronger, where color is absent, visible transparent quartz field.

Artificial spinel is also sometimes carried out to simulate nitrate, staining, usually cobalt. It can be distinguished by the granular structure due to the production process, as is characteristic of nitrate shine to him give a grain of gold. This material is not used for necklaces and beads, rather, it can be seen in the ringed seal, etc.

If the stone has a flat face, show refractometer index of refraction equal to 1.72.

Sodalite is often used for earrings, sometimes mixing with lapis lazuli. Usually it is pale blue, with large white areas (just in case, its index of refraction equal to 1.48).

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In ancient times, lapis lazuli was considered an amulet of sincerity and genuine friendliness. It helps to translate the plans and projects, strengthens friendship. Yoga has long been used lapis lazuli gems to clear the aura from negative influences.

This stone helps to combat alarming thoughts. It can help you get rid of old unwanted memories of past disappointments and things that should not be long kept in memory. To do this yoga practice recommends that lapis lazuli in the area “the third eye”, to concentrate and meditate for a few minutes. In Europe, lapis lazuli symbolized good luck, success and prosperity.

Already in ancient India lapis lazuli stone used not only for the manufacture of sacred attributes, but also for medicinal purposes. In “Ayurveda” says that this “heavenly” stone strengthens the physical body, mind and consciousness.
Lapis lazuli jewelry
Lapis lazuli is recommended for stimulation of the whole organism, and for the treatment of eye diseases in particular. In the latter case, water is used, which for a time was omitted this stone. The inhabitants of the Pamir used lapis lazuli to heal wounds and to combat altitude sickness. In ancient times believed that bracelet lapis lazuli is able to protect the child from various diseases.

Modern lithotherapists believe that lapis lazuli has projective energy Yang. Lapis lazuli jewelry help with migraines, nervous disorders, asthma, and radiculitis. They can reduce blood pressure and high temperature to bring down in various diseases. Lapis lazuli healing properties are used to treat inflammation and to enhance sleep. It is believed that lapis lazuli improves pregnancy and preventing miscarriages.

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Astrologers have traditionally considered lapis lazuli stone Venus and Uranus.

Lapis lazuli jewelry should be those born under the sign of Sagittarius .

Lapis lazuli is not benefit to zodiac sign Capricorn.

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