White gemstones names, meaning, energy

white gemstones meaning, energy, names

White color symbolizes purity, peace, patience, and defense.
Silver color is associated with communication and greater access to space, and golden is a direct relationship with God, as it helps acquire wealth and get rid of the material worries.

By the physical and natural essence white contains the entire color spectrum, and therefore, in combination with any other color it will actively support the energy component of a given wavelength, and even strengthen it.

Because this color is a unifying, it could potentially be the expression of any of its components, ie, any color and any energy, although in itself is a potentially clean.

[good title=””]Practically, white gems will keep up the energy that is necessary at this time.[/good]

White color is associated with the north, snow and ice, with winter-mother and wedding dress.

There are no an obvious connection between white and body, but often the energy of white gems associates with the white area just above the head and coronary heart chakra. On the emotional level, white bears cold and uncertainties, as well as nonabsorbing substance always seems distant and inaccessible, which certain absolute purity.

Therefore, when the white color is used to cleanse and clarify, the result did not have to wait long.

Even where there is to eliminate the imbalance and stagnation of energy turns out to be inconclusive effect of such vibrant colors, like orange color, white has no problems coping with the problem.

When you want to be clarity and to get rid of any secret shadow and dark all the negative aspects that hinder the positive creative activity and not allowing a fresh start with a clean sheet, then no white can not do.

As they say, all true and good things you can do without a twinge of conscience in white light. However, we should not forget that in the pure white color – it is the noninformation environment and not subject to carnal knowledge of consciousness.

White color uncertainty is displayed the cultural level, in western culture it is associated with purity of life and spirit, and in Chinese, for example, with death.

Among the gems with the characteristics of white there are clean quartz, diamond, Iceland mineral (a variety of calcite), gypsum, selenite, milky quartz, moonstone, opal.

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