Pink gemstones names, meaning, energy

Pink gemstones names, meaning, energy

Pink is tender, and had more quiet vibration. Red excites passions, and pink cherish them.

Pink color is a combination of white and red, and therefore the energy of a pink gemstone is, in fact, bleached-ordered dynamic activating the red-expressive energy.

Jealousy, aggression and lack of understanding did not get along with pink energy, destroy all rabid negativity in its path.
No wonder, perhaps, there is the phrase “look at the world through rose-colored glasses.” They do not see any malice, nor hatred, nor the aggression.

Pink promotes a sharp increase its own evaluation and may make love with himself, and it is now, when a person’s attention is focused on caring for others, it is very important.

In lithotherapy pink along with the green when exposed to the heart center contributes to its balance sheet and eliminate stress.

Pink energy promotes the image and raise levels of tolerance and sympathy, as well as performance. In the injuries treatment and first aid, this energy has demonstrated its importance.

Among the pink gemstones: quartz, rubellite (pink tourmaline), rhodonite, rhodochrosite, kunzite, cherry opal, coral, tulit.

[bad title=””]With pink dresses or pink pearls you will in matters of love and romantic relationships are much more receptive.[/bad]
Those who chose a life of satellites in the wrong person, could have avoided this if wearing a ring or pendant with pink pearls.

With pink coral love relationships become more pleasant, lively and frank. Pink quartz will help improve your self-esteem and send positive energy to yourself.

Rhodonite, rhodochrosite or pink diamond ring will get an unusually high respect in his own eyes and in the eyes of others.

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