Black color gemstones meaning and names

Black color - black gemstones

Black color is intimidating its uncertainty. What’s behind this black hole – all or nothing, black diamond or last-year snow? What a Hamlet’s question in desperate unresolved tragedy.

In other words, black color is the most that neither is on the opposite of white. What, in fact, long obvious.

In this regard by analogy with its antipode, black has a total energy potential of all other colors absorbed them, but unlike him not to let him work immediately in order to change the energy mix, and vice versa – to create an atmosphere of peace and lull, allowing the necessary changes, as they say, mature and gain strength under the “roof” of his actions.

All aspects of the secret and hidden at all levels and in all the manifestations that have no clear explanation for the clear and logical understanding of the current moment – all this mischief of black.

Black is an excellent grounding because the depth and solidity resolve any situations.
On the other hand, black can help just surfacing hidden for the time factors and aspects of emotions and feelings.

Not surprising that with meditation, black color and its energy is actively used – creating an atmosphere of calm and relaxation, it allows you to dive to the deepest levels.

Black gemstones names: black diamond, black tourmaline, smoky quartz, obsidian, jet, onyx.

Black is a protective color not only because it hides the true face, as they say, but because it absorbs all the surrounding colors and energy, regardless of what is called, on the face. Wear black dresses or black diamond ring!
Combination of black and white is a very strong couple, capable protect and clear the road.

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