Aries Handmade Jewelry – April diamond

Diamond is one of Aries birthstones. Handmade jewelry is a beautiful present for lady-Aries.
Do it youself!

22 (11mm x 6mm) double-hole silver slides with crystal inset
44 (4mm) clear crystal bicone beads
49 (2mm) round silver beads
Bracelet memory wire
6 silver memory wire end caps
Heavy-duty wire cutters
Bead adhesive

FINISHED SIZE – 714 inches

DIY note:
Memory wire is hard to cut and will damage regular wire nippers. Always use heavy-duty wire cutters or memory wire shears to cut wire coils.

April diamond. DIY Handmade Aries Jewelry
1) Measure wrist and add 14 inch; cut three pieces of memory wire that size.

2) Glue an end cap onto one end of each piece of wire; hold each a minute, allowing glue to set.

Allow glue to dry for several hours or overnight to prevent beads from pushing offend caps.

3) Beginning with what will be the middle wire, string on a round silver bead, the right side of a silver slide, round silver bead and the left side of a silver slide. Note: When threading on silver slides, make sure each slide is facing the same direction. Repeat stringing sequence ten additional times. String on a round silver bead; glue on an end cap.

4) Slide a round silver bead onto a second piece of wire; string wire through the open holes of the silver slide closest to the end of middle wire. String on a crystal bicone, a round silver bead and a crystal bicone. Slide wire through rhe next silver slide.

Beginning with the crystal bicone, repeat stringing process nine additional limes.
String on a crystal bicone, a round silver bead, a crystal bicone and a round silver bead. Glue on an end cap.

5) Repeat step 4 for remaining wire.