Tourmaline gemstone: properties, power, jewelry, photo

Tourmaline gemstone: meaning, properties, uses, power, jewelry, photo


In 1703, Dutch sailors first brought into Europe elongated crystals of purple-pink color. Following the inhabitants of Ceylon, they called these rocks “turemali” that are meaning is “mineral”, “jewel”. Thus arose the modern term «tourmaline», which is called a variety of silicate, which includes compounds of aluminum, boron, manganese and magnesium.

Tourmaline stone features a large variety of colors, and stones of different colors have names ruby-red stones are called rubellite or crimson schorl; densely crimson, and purple-red stones found in the Urals – siberite. Verdelite is green tourmaline; indigolite – blue. yellowish-brown stones on the deposit Drava in Austria was called dravite. Rare colorless crystals called ahroite.

A very common black variety of tourmaline calls schorl. Probably, this latter term is derived from the old german word “schor” – “impurity”. Vivid Brazil crystal blue and green on the place of discovery called Paraiba.
Tourmaline jewelry
There tourmaline «cat’s eyes» and polychromatic crystals in which one can distinguish areas of different shades. In this light tourmalines with a black top is called ” Moor’s head “, but with a red -” Turk’s head “. Tourmaline with a red center and the periphery of the green is called “watermelon”.

Tourmaline deposits exist on the territory of Burma, Sri Lanka, in Madagascar, India, Ceylon, Afghanistan, Greenland, Germany, Norway and the USA. The largest crystals mined in Brazil in 1978 in this country was found tourmaline 1 meter long. In Africa tourmalines are found in Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Tanzania and Kenya. In Russia, tourmaline deposits are found in Transbaikalia.

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This mineral is common and happens in different colors, usually green or red. Qualitative green tourmaline is a beautiful stone, well to polishing with saturated color, tending to black and green.

All tourmalines have a pronounced dichroism: turning stone, it is easy to see two shades of green, usually bluish and yellow. If you look at the stone length, its color becomes saturated almost to blackness.

Red tourmalines are sometimes used to simulate low-quality ruby, they are called rubellite. They can also be distinguished by a strong dichroism, as well as on crimson hue. Usually, this rocks, past the high-temperature processing.

Most tourmalines have pronounced defects, the most frequently included here are fluid-filled cavity, which under the microscope appear black.

Pink tourmaline can be confused with a much more valuable pink topaz, so there should not forget about refractometer (index of refraction of tourmaline -1,62-1,64) and strong double refraction.

There are also blue, brown and black varieties of this stone as well as rare examples of “watermelon colored”, iridescent pink and green shades.

Recently, good examples come from Mozambique, there are also stones of a rare green hue, typical of peridot, as well as good blue stones color.

Most tourmaline is evaluated not very expensive – from 20 to 50 dollars per carat, however, there are also more expensive stones. Especially prized pink, red and green tourmalines. Paraiba tourmalines price of high quality reaches 4-6 thousand of dollars per carat, sometimes rising to 20 000.

Starting from the XVI century, tourmaline is often used to decorate the church regalia, in the Armory of the Kremlin kept monstrance from the sacristy of the Kremlin’s Cathedral of the Annunciation. It is decorated with large pink tourmaline.

Large tourmaline weighing over 100 g crowns and the crown of the Russian Empress Anna. This stone was removed from the crown of her predecessor on the Russian throne – Catherine I.Historians claim that this unique stone was purchased in Beijing interpreter Ambassadors order Moldova’s Nikolai Spafariy, headed the Russian embassy to China in 1676

Layman may be confused with many jewelry tourmaline stone: amethyst, emerald, rauhtopaz, ruby, chrysoberyl, chrysolite, citrine, zircons. Keep in mind that the market can be found with tourmaline imitations made of glass.

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It is believed that tourmaline jewelry has a beneficial effect on body and mind, eliminating fears and anxieties. Tourmaline helps to meditate, focus, and give clarity to the mind. Pendant with blue tourmaline will get a good sleep. Tourmaline healing properties create a feeling of peace and security, helps to believe in themselves. Particularly valuable in this regard, green tourmaline, able to awaken the creative power and cause cheerful mood.

According to ancient beliefs, tourmaline gemstone is the spiritual stone, developing creative talents. Red tourmaline is always considered a talisman of artists, green – the defender of creative people, and black – the stone witch.

Experts recommend wearing tourmaline jewelry mounted in gold or silver in tourmaline pendant on a chain or in the rings on the right index finger or middle finger of his left hand.

It is believed that tourmaline gem is a powerful healer and cleanser. The Indian lithotherapy used different color varieties tourmalines. It was assumed that the red and pink tourmalines have a projective energy Yang, green, blue and black – the receptive yin.

Green tourmalines help at liver disease, nervous system, circulatory system, organs and skin. They support the oxygen exchange of blood and reinforce immunity. Of all the precious stones of green tourmaline it has the most powerful rejuvenating properties. It is useful to carry everything (especially with the strong of nerve and physical exertion) to restore the aura after a negative external impact.
Tourmaline properties
Blue tourmaline has a beneficial effect on the lymphatic, hormonal and immune system.

Black tourmaline creates a protective aura around them, reflecting all the harmful effects. In the American lithotherapy to display negative energy from the physical body schorl rotated counterclockwise over the sick place.

Indigolite gemstone is a stone of peace and quiet sleep. Colorless tourmalines create a balance of spiritual and physical strength, clear consciousness.

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Tourmaline advised to wear those born under the zodiac signs Leo, Capricorn and Sagittarius.

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