Scorpio birthstone gems and jewelry

Scorpio birthstone gems and jewelry

Scorpio represents intense inner life, hidden under a veil of calmness.
Envy, jealousy and greed have a substantial influence on Scorpions and they need to be dealt with in order not to excessively complicate sign’s life.
Sexuality and magnetic energy gives the sing an ability to manipulate people.

Scorpio shows strong interest in hidden and tries to unveil outer shell of any phenomena in order to understand underlying driving forces of it.
One of the beneficial birthstones for Scorpio is a garnet – a stone of love – which could bring a passion and entertain the soul, but which is also a stone of anger and of a strong desire.

SCORPIO birthstones:

October, 21 – charoite
October, 22 – diamond
October, 23 – amethyst
October, 24 – garnet
October, 25 – ruby
October, 26 – alexandrite
October, 27 – rhodonite
October, 28 – opal
October, 29 – topaz
October, 30 – turquoise
October, 31 – topaz
November, 1 – hematite
November, 2 – chrysolite
November, 3 – turquoise
November, 4 – chrysolite
November, 5 – garnet
November, 6 – tourmaline
November, 7 – tourmaline
November, 8 – ruby
November, 9 – cat’s eye
November, 10 – rhinestone
November, 11 – amber
November, 12 – topaz
November, 13 – beryls
November, 14 – garnet
November, 15 – obsidian
November, 16 – moonstone
November, 17 – hessonit
November, 18 – opal
November, 19 – jade
November, 20 – chrysoberyl
November, 21 – zircon
November, 22 – gagate

Birthstone for October and November:
alexandrite, apatite, gagate, hematite, garnet, topaz.

Not recommended gemstones for zodiac sign Scorpio:

aventurine, aquamarine, amazonite, serpentine, emerald, malachite.

SCORPIO zodiac gems horoscope

Scorpio is widely known as the most mysterious sign. It has a lot of secrets. This sign is strongly related to the element of water, for that reason it is seems calm and unruffled.

But on the other hand, the rulers of Scorpio – Mars and Pluto – are planets of a powerful source of energy, planets which encourage action. As a result, being calm outside Scorpio hides volcanic lava of passions, emotions and uncontrollable desires.

Scorpion is a fixed sign, which means it is able to continuously apply its energy in order to achieve a goal; Nature has given to the sign a “powerful engine”.
Scorpios’ gemstone is alexandrite which is used by mediums to enhance the ability of seeing the future.

Scorpions are innovators; they can destroy something to the ground and then build a new thing spending a lot of energy and time. States, like people, have their own character (which can be estimated by a horoscope of the State), in the case of the Soviet Union State, which was born in November 7 of 1917 you can get a good idea of the Scorpio as a state. According to the Sun Soviet Union was born under sign of Scorpio.

The results of any activity of people-Scorpions depends on what would they apply they efforts for. It is fine if they would spend their energy for an important matter that requires considerable effort, but once they have experienced fault some Scorpios would find consolation in the self-flagellation and self-deprecation, depressing themselves until they are exhausted.
You can present Scorpio with a mascot made from topaz, it helps sign to confront depression and fear and also it will dispel the doubts and eliminate anger.

Decision-making is not the easiest lesson for any “fixed” sign and Scorpio is not an exception. He understands what sort of consequences his actions would cause, therefore he newer hurries with a final decision.

If someone inclining Scorpio to make an action of some sort – that person will be responsible for outcomes. Owner of the Sun in Scorpio in general likes to manipulate other people, supplying them with energy and an irresistible desire to make something; a stone element of Scorpio – hematite – in Europe was considered as a talisman of warlocks who used it to draw magic circles and symbols.

Scorpio gemsScorpio is a magical sign, and its representatives may do wonderful things in various fields, one of those fields is confronting diseases. Incidentally, Paracelsus was the Sun in Scorpio. But many authorities believe that this sign has a magnetic influence which attracts disease, and when all around are healthy, the owner of the Sun in Scorpio can suddenly fall ill.

It seems that nature was constructed that way so the most powerful fighter of disease attracts illness to him/herself in order to spend their inexhaustible energy and learn how to apply it to good use. Water treatments usually beneficial for the representatives of the sign, in a way that water helps to “wash” negative energetic.

It is believed that the amulet from the gagate saves Scorpio from the dark forces, absorbing pain and dissolving fears in its darkness.

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