Green color gemstones meaning and names

Green color gemstones meaning and names

Green color is associated with the heart chakra Anahata and interpersonal relationships, with the heart and lungs, the air element, a sense of touch and will to live.
It is the color of vegetation, life, nature, growth.

It also soothes and heals emotional wounds, maintains the balance in the sick body and strengthens it.

Physically, green is associated with the heart, lungs, diaphragm and hands. Such features as breathing, growth and variability, adaptability is directly related to the energy of green color.

[good title=””]Green color characterizes the integrity of personal space and the feeling of free heart communication with the outside world.[/good]

Growth, proliferation and increase energy influence in varying degrees, is achieved by balancing the polarities of green energy.

Both physical and emotional level, this energy by itself is a balancing – this concerns the organs and systems of the physical body, as well as sensual and emotional factors on the heart level. Love, compassion, caring, friendliness – all these are manifestations of activity.

Green energy determines the mental structure of our existence – for some routine and self-restraint, discipline is simply not acceptable, while there might be some freedom and a positive self-expression for others .

Green energy is related to heart, and so it is itself selects the appropriate balance between freedom and unfreedom in their pure form, in accordance with their individual ideas about the truth of being.

Intuitive capabilities, the desire for knowledge, discovery and a whole new unknown also appear under the influence of green energy, as in the spiritual sense

Green is the color of Mother Nature that teaches us to know the secrets of the universe.
Green energy soothes and balances, stimulates spiritual growth of green energy. The balance of the relationship is expressed in the quest for freedom or dependence, altruism or selfishness, and so on. Green dresses are the best choise for spring holidays.

Imbalance of green energy is in fact the consequences of any restrictions or influences -intervention of a personal nature on some level:
1. Diseases of the invasive nature
2. The deviations of growth parameters
3. Loss of control at any level
4. Claustrophobia, a sense of unrealized something, isolation, limitation, subordination
5. The need to control – personal or external
6. Lack of self-discipline
7. Confusion and isolation from doubt in choosing the right solutions and ways of its implementation, it stimulates the desire of its own growth and following up their only road.

[good title=””]Among the green gemstones: aventurine, jasper, peridot, malachite, tourmaline, calcite.[/good]

Green gems and minerals enjoyed the greatest love, and understandably so they comfort even when you are sweeping emotions. Emerald and green jade guarantee you security, prosperity and protection. Other green stones, such as chrysocoll and malachite, restrained emotion, and hematite with green splashes helps to survive stress.

Alchemists taught that light emerald is able to open even the most guarded secrets. In the Middle Ages, doctors wore green robes or green dresses, as of plants – herbs and other ingredients – they were preparing medicines. This color is also loved by pharmacologists.

In Chinese astrology it is associated with the wood element. For Muslims, the green color is the color of salvation. In the Middle Ages Artists painted the crucifixion of Christ with green color, because it was an instrument on which the Son of God was sacrificed for the sake of revival of the human race. Green stones play a huge role in the cycle of legends about Arthur and the Grail.

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