Red gemstones meaning, energy, names

Red gemstones meaning, energy, names

Red color is associated with the root chakra Muladhara, it protects and helps to survive. Skeletal and limb skeleton of man have also been associated with this color, not to mention the blood and its constituent iron.

It is also – on a spiritual level – the color of passion and depth.
As a remedy, he warms and resists cancer

Shades of red: pink-red (consistent with everything connected with mother, father’s house, a power of life, money, and – at heart – with love), light red (corresponding to a sense of smell, and – level of the soul – anger) and red-orange (corresponds passion).

Red color is the most solid of the entire color spectrum, it has a strong emotional impact. This color is associated with fire and warmth, vitality and energy, dynamics, sensuality, passion, physical activity and a thirst for goals, activities and realism of life.

[bad title=””] Energy of red stimulates enthusiasts and activists of all life.[/bad]
On the mental level, red color represents the energy of self-confidence in a position imbalance easily translate into aggression and arrogance. Red energy is needed for any creative cases. The balance of the body occurs when an adequate assessment of reality, grounded, focus on substance and things.

The beauty and passion of life you can really feel after enjoying its due portion of this very red energy. Lack of it, there is noticeable, but no is destructively. Balancing the energy flows that color is, above all, in promoting their existence in normal conditions for them, that is in motion or flow.
Red energy is always associated with real creative expression.

The Chinese red color represents immortality. In the Tarot cards High Priestess and the Empress were under a blue dress red dresses – a symbol of their possession of secret knowledge. Dark red color associated with women’s secrets and the source of life.

Obvious indicators of a surplus of red energy – hyperactivity, physical fatigue, inflammation, inability to relax, fear, anger, emotional, mental confusion, mood swings, impatience, vanity, scuffles, azdrazhenie and more.

Obvious indicator of energy imbalance in red are:
1. Cold, lack of activity and stagnation.

2. Difficulty in physical movement, coordination problems or circulation.

3. Physical weakness and exhaustion, inability to maintain adequate physical level.

4. Emotional and mental inability to adequately assess the real life, apathy, unwillingness to act, lethargy feelings, just lazy.

5. A sense of personal hurt and alienation, lack of personal integrity, a sense of solitude.
You should wear red dresses or red jewelry to balance it.

Red gems and crystals – ruby, garnet, spinel, zircon, jasper, iron, red quartz, red tourmaline, granite, hematite and others – can help a physical condition.

Thanks jasper, amber and agate with shades of red shy people are becoming bolder.

Now begin to pay attention again to the red coral with red dresses. This mineral is useful for the skeleton and bones. Now people like never before, need to feel your life energy. Red coral promotes healthy lung – you know that in recent years, the incidence of influenza, tuberculosis and asthma has risen to the mark, which we have not seen since the depression.

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