Sagittarius birthstone gems and jewelry

Sagitarius birthstone gems and jewelry

Sagittarius is a sign of a broad views, interests and talents. It has a strong desire to grasp immensity and has a lot of interest in everything which is exotic, foreign and far.
But frantic nature of that sign might cause problems – one can’t chase all the rabbits in the world.

On the other hand, the scope of activities and knowledge of Sagittarius may not be obtained by any other sign of the zodiac.
Sagittarius’ gemstone is a turquoise – stone of fearless people, who always ready to confront the abuser.

SAGITTARIUS birthstones :

November, 21 – zircon
November, 22 – gagate
November, 23 – diamond
November, 24 – beryls
November, 25 – almandine
November, 26 – jasper
November, 27 – ruby
November, 28 – turquoise
November, 29 – ruby
November, 30 – sapphire
December, 1 – turquoise
December, 2 – serpentine
December, 3 – zircon
December, 4 – spinel
December, 5 – garnet
December, 6 – bloodstone (heliotrope)
December, 7 – citrine
December, 8 – charoite
December, 9 – alexandrite
December, 10 – aquamarine
December, 11 – tiger eye
December, 12 – diamond
December, 13 – amethyst
December, 14 – sapphire
December, 15 – hessonit
December, 16 – jade
December, 17 – turquoise
December, 18 – hematite
December, 19 – jasper
December, 20 – obsidian
December, 21 – chrysoprase
December, 22 – almandine

Birthstone for November and December:
alexandrite, turquoise, lapis lazuli, obsidian, sapphire, tourmaline, chalcedony.

Not recommended gemstones for zodiac sign Sagittarius:

jade, rhodonite.

SAGITTARIUS zodiac gems horoscope

Sun for Sagittarius is like a lamp with a large number of burning candles in it. Archers manage to keep in mind (and in heart) a lot of various ideas, compelling intentions and ardent aspirations so they could ignite everyone around them.
They just collect ideas, seeing them everywhere around, and inspire themselves on each new discovery.

It is believed that a ring with a sapphire can help Sagittarius to find purpose of life, overcome fear, laziness and inactivity and also to awaken the thirst for knowledge.

Sagittarius is multilateral; he seeks to participate immediately in a large scope of different matters, and always shows himself as profound connoisseur. Like a diamond, he can’t flash only through one facet.
Charm with lapis lazuli stone, which represents good luck, success and prosperity, will Help Sagittarius to realize all its’ plans and projects.

Sagittarius does not hide his ideas and generously shares them with everyone. For that reason the Sun in Sagittarius is often a source of inspiration and support to others. Generally they are good counselors and mentors, capable of perceiving overall picture of the world.

Amulets with obsidian will save Sagittarius from wrong actions, while preventing them from narcissism.

Sagittarians make a decision with ease – at least they think so. Being asked any question, they would give immediate answer. Then a moment later they would reconsider the question – and give a different reply. A moment later – the third answer.

Sagittarius gems And so on, until a questioner has the patience to listen. Which of the answers to choose – it’s for you to decide. As a result Sagittarius obviates the decision, although he sincerely thinks that he have solved the problem effortlessly.
Ornaments with blue chalcedony can inspire Sagittarius’ faith in their own strength.

As an energy source, the Sun in Sagittarius is able to deal with a variety of cases. However, his owners sometimes are so restless that they exceed any reasonable limits: they want to try, see and feel everything around.
As a result, even Sagittarius can have a breakdown, and this immediately affects the whole body – in fact it might cause weakness of arterial system and disrupt a flow of oxygen and nutrients.

It is accepted in lithotherapy that the talisman with tourmaline can support the exchange of oxygen in blood and strengthen the immune system. Like other representatives of the elements of Fire, Sagittarius needs sunlight and heat in order to regenerate the energy.

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