Jet gemstone: meaning, properties, uses, power, jewelry, photo

Jet gemstone: meaning, properties, uses, power, jewelry, photo


Along with amber and pearls black opaque jet is organogenic stone. Its origin is connected with the activities of living organisms. Jet is a type of brown coal, formed from coniferous trees of the family Aarau-Kary the Paleozoic era. In other words, jet gem is kind of coal. For ability to electrify a result of friction it is also called “black amber”.
Sometimes it also called “gagate”.

According to Pliny, the name “gagate” of the stone comes from the city or river Gagas in Lycia. In the old days jet gemstone was also known as “gisher” (Armenian “geshiri meaning “night”) or as “black jasper”.

Jet gemstone is black to dark brown, and sometimes contains tiny inclusions of pyrite, which have a metallic lustre. It tends to occur in rocks of maribe origin, perhaps derived from waterlogged driftwood or other plant material. In this respect it differs from ordinary lignite in that lignite usually forms through coalification of peaty deposits on land.
Jet properties
Jet can occur in distinct beds, such as those at Whitby, England.

Jet deposits exist in the Caucasus, the Crimea, in Northern Fergana, Spain, France, Germany and the states of Utah and Colorado in the USA.

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Since ancient times in Buddhism, Christianity and Islam jet gemstones used to make rosary beads and amulets. In ancient Rome, from jet made amulets to repel demonic forces. They often portrayed the human hand, head Medusa, or figure of Proserpine. Under the title “gisher” jet has long been mined in the Caucasus (in the vicinity of Kutaisi) and used monks Gelati Monastery for the manufacture of ritual items.

Jet used for making rings, bracelets and necklaces, pins, hair and arms for knives.

As amber, is a fossil jet, derived from the tree, and is the origin of his kinship with coal. Not surprisingly, the main supplier of jet was England.

Jet is considered to be realy English rock. XIX century in the greatest quantity of it was mined in Whitby, on the coast of Yorkshire.

The commitment to the Victorian mourning jewelry provided jet popularity. The history of jet entry into vogue sad and romantic. Queen Victoria was very fond of her husband, Prince Albert, and after his death until her days wore mourning. But even with the black dress, according to court etiquette, it was necessary to wear jewelry. Then came into vogue black jet jewellery. Jet cameos, jet necklaces, combs, chains, jet rings were vary populary.

In our time it is of value except to collectors. However, in the second half of the XIX century its popularity was so great that he became the subject of forgery. Most of them used a volcanic type of rubber, which is found in the most bizarre forms. It is slightly warm this pattern, and a distinct smell of rubber identify counterfeit. In the case proceeded and the black glass.

This is perhaps the only case in the jewelry business, when the simulation can represent no less, if not greater interest to the collector than the material which they replace.

The golden age of jet was at the end of XIX century when was employing over 1000 people at jet jewelry business. In the middle of the XIX century light jet produced large and bulky jewellery. Brooches up to 15 cm in length, and ladies wore long jet earrings without any discomfort.


In India jet gem was revered as the “stone of the Great Mother of the World” that could help in the comprehension of his karma, to reveal the secrets of past human incarnations. Indian magicians believed that the jet protects people from the dark forces, absorbs and scatters his pain in his blackness of his fears.

Not surprisingly, thanks to its deep black jet was the “night rock” and related secrets. Believed jet a sink negative energy and this feature makes it unique jet protective articles protective stone. All bad thoughts, to the owner of a stone, sinking in the depths of jet, making it even darker. It is also believed that jet protects the wearer from nightmares, especially if you put it under the pillow. It facilitates the disclosure of family secrets and comprehend the wisdom of the ancestors.

In the Middle Ages in Europe, a piece of jet burned to exorcise evil spirits from the house, and was applied to newborns to protect them from the evil eye.
Jet jewelry
In Chinese medicine jet was one of the most powerful “Yin” stones. In lithotherapy jet used in the form of balls for the massage, amulets, beads and in the form of plates for removal from the palm of negative energy. In ancient times believed that jet can help to prevent cramps, ease childbirth. But wearing these stones during pregnancy is not recommended.

It believed that jet help with gout. They are useful for the removal of seizures. It is said that attached to the kidneys jet increases blood pressure. It is believed that jet healing poisoning and stomach diseases.


Taurus and Libra is not recommended to wear jet jewelry, because it can negatively affect their balance.

Jet is well suited Scorpio and Pisces.

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