Pisces birthstone gems and jewelry

Pisces birthstone gems and jewelry

Pisces are cut off from reality, and feature emotional openness, willingness to sympathize and empathize.
The representatives of the sign are Spiritual, musical, intuitive and could understand another person without any word.

Innate sense of mystics and religion, commitment to charity and sacrifice are inherited in the Pisces. They can be disorganized, impractical and with desire to go with the stream.

PISCES birthstone

February, 21 – sapphire
February, 22 – amber
February, 23 – jade
February, 24 – chrysoberyl
February, 25 – gagate
February, 26 – rhodonite
February, 27 – emerald
February, 28 – tiger eye
February, 29 – tiger eye
March, 1 – amazonite
March, 2 – pearls
March, 3 – rhinestone
March, 4 – carneol
March, 5 – spinel
March, 6 – amethyst
March, 7 – sapphire
March, 8 – aquamarine
March, 9 – jade
March, 10 – amethyst
March, 11 – sardonyx
March, 12 – garnet
March, 13 – chrysolite
March, 14 – beryls
March, 15 – moonstone
March, 16 – coral
March, 17 – chrysoprase
March, 18 – charoite
March, 19 – sardonyx
March, 20 – emerald
March, 21 – sardonyx

Birthstone for February and March:
aquamarine, gagate, coral, moonstone, opal, nacre, chrysolite.

Not recommended gemstones
 for zodiac sign Pisces  - almandine, hematite, zircon

PISCES zodiac gems horoscope

Stones of sign Pisces are the “jewels” of the sea – coral and pearls. For the foggy luster and high water content opals is also considered as one of the stones of the zodiacal sign of Pisces.

Versatility is primarily presented in the emotional life of the sign. Emotions and hidden motives of others’ actions are very compelling and important for the sign. Therefore, Pisces are constantly busy solving different puzzles: why did this man looked that way, what was he feeling, and so on.

Pisces’ talisman is a moonstone, mineral which strengthens intuition and subconscious. The Sun in Pisces in some way resembles the engine of the submarine: finely tuned energy allows it to surface, then to dive into the depths, hide and then go with full speed.

The owners of the Sun in Pisces are experts in mental needs of others. They know what will people like the most at the moment, and which topics are better not to be exposed in order to not to be alienated by others.
Pisces absolutely do not need to use the newfound understanding. In contrast to the Scorpio which necessarily would have used it for their purposes, Pisces feels satisfaction from the very process of solving a riddle.

Pisces gemstoneIt is useless to demand a decision from the Pisces – they would just swim away or slip, murmuring meaningless phrases.
Representatives of this sign understand so many different nuances that a specific response to a specific question is simply inconceivable because everything in life is so relative and conditional. After an attack of frustration mascot of chrysolite can help Pisces to find former confidence in life.

Plunging its intuition in a secret side of life of people around, Pisces encounter a lot of bad stuff, which could be called an emotional mud. And to compensate a sense of inner filth with something similar, they are beginning to poison themselves with alcohol, drugs and tobacco.
And later comes a desire to dive deeper into the dark side of life. It’s needless to say, that this process is destructive for health, and there is no escape.

Alternatively, you can advise Pisces any means of spiritual purification, which may include religion, meditation, and music – the particular type of purification is up to each individual.

Pisces’ amulet with aquamarine helps to relieve stress and fears. Amulets made from gagate will become sinks for negative energy.

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