Orange gemstones meaning, energy, names

Red gemstones meaning, energy, names

Orange color is associated with the sacral chakra, or abdominal chakra Svadhishthana, as well as with physical needs, like hunger and sexual desire, and – at the level of the soul – with ambition.

Orange stones or orange dresses help with sexual disorders, increases the potency and strengthens the immune system.

This color is characterized by a modified yellow red energy.
In other words, this color can curb red horse and make him ride in the right direction. Any kind of trauma on physical, emotional or mental level obtained at one time or just recently, this color is capable of healing

An oscillation frequency of orange light works stimulating creative and inspiring-actively at all levels of interaction, and therefore very effective in the process of healing and removal of stagnant trends that impede normal development.

Orange color is the creator, inspirer of all life on earth and the energy associated with the operation of the secondary sacral chakras in the human body.

Bodies lower abdomen – the large intestine, genital organs, kidneys – are directly related to the activity of orange energy flows, conducive to their normal functioning and timely treatment for intoxication.

[info title=”an emotional level”]Orange works positively with the creative activity and negatively with stress[/info]

When cleaning and correction of energy subtle bodies healing process at the physical level is very effective because the level of imbalances in flows of energy control is easy because of their scarcity and ease of identification at an intuitive level.

The dark orange robes of Buddhist monks as well as orange and purple crosses the Knights of the Holy Spirit, reflect the divine life. Brides in ancient Rome wore bowl with oranges and orange dresses, in order to emphasize the sanctity of marriage vows.

Lack of orange energy can be set for the following symptoms: lack of physical flexibility, limited sensitivity, problems with the gastrointestinal tract, lack of vitality, a serious debilitating burden of memories blows of fate.

Orange gems or orange dresses provide a stimulus, helping to focus and direct energy for a specific purpose. He also contributes to maintaining a clear conscience and the habit of neatness.
Among the orange minerals such as tiger’s eye, orange quartz, copper, solar stone, topaz, orange calcite, karnelin, amber, agate and several garnet.

Carnelia among the orange-colored crystals – this is the orange gemstone that are in those cases where the transition to a new physical activity or practicing before the sports. Any orange color stones will help you maintain a balance between physical and emotional start. Some parents say their children were not so choosy about food after began to wear cornelian or any orange stone.

If you have a depressed mood or life lost to you still attractive, wear jewelry with orange gems or orange dresses – in your mind once you feel better!

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