Emerald gemstone: meaning, properties, uses, jewelry, photo

Emerald gemstone: meaning, properties, uses, power, jewelry, photo


However, diamonds, ruby and sapphires emeralds are gems of the first order. It is worth remembering that the emeralds are bright green transparent beryls.
The character green emerald color they give chromium compounds (less vanadium).

Pliny the Elder wrote that “there is no color, that would be agreeable to the eye.” Indeed, we know – green calms the nervous system, concentrates the mind and gives a sense of coolness.
There are, however, emeralds and with a yellowish tinge, which is caused by iron salts. It is interesting that the color of emeralds persists in artificial light.

Title stone through the Greek and the Old Russian term “smaragdos” and through the Persian “zumrundi” (meaning “green”) goes back to the Sanskrit word “zammorod”. The modern term “emerald gem” appeared only in the XVI. Colombian Indians called emerald “green ice”.

About four thousand years ago, during the XII dynasty of pharaohs, emerald gemstones were caught in Egypt, in the mountains, situated between the Red Sea and the Nile. Specialist gemologists say that the word “smaragdos” Egyptians initially designates green opaque stone. Only later, this term was applied to transparent stones (green beryl in modern terminology).
Emerald jewelry
According to legend, the Egyptian queen Cleopatra visited the mines, and since then they started calling her name. Cleopatra’s Emerald Mines actively exploited until the XIII century and only later were abandoned. In the Urals, emeralds were discovered in the first half of the XIX century.

The largest transparent clean water stone was found in 1834. However, this is not the limit. The largest emerald crystals found in Brazil, his weight exceeded 7.5 kg. The emerald crystal is found on the territory of South Africa, had the transparent portion weight 4,8 kg.

Until the middle of XIX century the sole supplier emerald stones on the world market was Columbia. Then there were deposits of emeralds in the Middle Urals in the U.S. and Australia. Today, emeralds are also mined in Mozambique, Namibia, Norway, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and South Africa.

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Emeralds are one of the most expensive gems. The most precious stones are crystals weighing 6.5 carats and above, bright green color with no inclusions although their presence is proof of the naturally occurring mineral.

Emerald of perfect color can cost more diamond of the same size. The gemologists say that emerald gems are only beryl colored compounds of chromium. Given this, called the grass-green beryl emeralds is not entirely correct, because the color of these stones is caused by iron ions. Changing is traditionally difficult, and does it necessary?

On the world market of precious stones Colombian dark green color beryl traditionally considered high-grade emeralds, and because their color is caused by impurities of vanadium. Experts know that there are special tables, which shows a tint that is legal for emeralds.

In practice them, however, not always enjoy. The problem, what should be considered, green beryl emeralds is not solved to this day. Besides, the world’s developed a technology for producing synthetic emeralds, which are distinguished from natural stones for the amateur is not easy.

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Since ancient times, emeralds are considered powerful talismans. Emerald is the stone of wisdom, equanimity and hope. Man wearing emerald jewelry supposedly insulated from the influence of evil spells and is safe from disasters. Emerald worn as a talisman to protect the lives of long journeys.

It believe that emerald healing properties attracted to wealth, the subdued sensuality and bring peace to the owner.
Not by chance in ancient times believed that emeralds are helping to keep virginity. In addition, the emerald allegedly able to break up, if one violates the loving faithfulness. May therefore be jewelry with emeralds is only recommended for people with a pure soul and with a high spiritual orientation.
Emerald properties
Emerald amulets enhance memory, drive away bad dreams and dissipate melancholia. These amulets to help in scientific research and studies philosophy.

Emerald gem has long been attributed to a particular physician characteristics. Litoterapists claim that emeralds have receptive energy of Yin. They help with insomnia and drive away bad dreams.
Emeralds reduce the temperature, helping to treat inflammation, struggling with infections, useful in diseases of the urinary bladder and urinary tract infections. Emerald heals diabetes and burns, pain in heart, helps the treatment of psoriasis. In the old emeralds were even cure for snake and scorpion bites.

Not surprisingly, due to its rich green color of emeralds reputation for being recognized by doctors of eye diseases.

Modern litoterapists believe that emerald jewellery lower blood pressure.

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In addition to cancer , an emerald is good for Pisces .

Not recommended to wear emerald jewelry Scorpio.

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