Topaz gemstone: meaning, properties, power, jewelry, photo

Topaz gemstone: meaning, properties, uses, power, jewelry, photo


From a chemical point of view topaz are fluorine-containing aluminum silicate. The name of the stone was the ancient name for the island Topazos in the Red Sea (now St. John’s). According to another version, the modern word topaz is derived from the Sanskrit “topas” – “fire,” “flame”, “warm”. This version is possible, although it should be remembered that in olden times in India, often called topaz all gems are yellow.

Topaz often painted in pink, yellow, cerise and yellow and golden hues. Although there are also blue stones. There are colorless topaz and yellow stones with a characteristic opalescence, referred to as topaz cat’s eyes effect. Very nice so-called polychromatic stones, in which one part may be blue and the other – a cherry. Color stones determined impurities of titanium, iron and chromium. Topaz density is high enough, for what was called topaz stone-cutters of the Urals “heavyweights”.
what is Topaz
Topaz is mined in Brazil, Sri Lanka, Burma, India and Mongolia. There topaz from Scotland, Russia, and Japan.

Out of all the semiprecious stones topaz gem is a recognized favorite. His best samples have well-known orange-red color “royal jelly” and are extremely rare, although this fact and has no effect on their value. Until the adoption of the “Inventory of jewelry trade” under the same title (with a large profit) to sell yellow quartz, whose real name is citrine.

This practice extended to this day, to our great regret. Citrine is frequent and therefore inexpensive stone, which can be confused only low-quality topaz.

Topaz gemstone is a beautiful jewelry material, its hardness on the Mohs scale – 8, with a strong luster, very allergic grinding. Its color varies from white to yellow, reddish-brown or blue. Pink topaz is a consequence of the high-temperature treatment, which was subjected to red-brown stone. Most expensive are orange-red specimens are sold cheaper than the blue, similar to aquamarine, the color of their artificially enhanced, and the colorless topaz, as well as other colorless stones, except diamonds are relatively cheap.

Refractive index of quality topaz and pink derivatives is 1.63 -1.64, in blue and colorless samples was lower, 1,61 – 1,62. Stones colors “royal jelly” exhibit orange fluorescence under long-wave ultraviolet light.

Most common forms of faceted topaz, especially for the early period of jewelry have been and remain a long oval or elongated plate, which are obtained by processing a crystal length. Because the crystals of topaz is easily split by strictly parallel lines to the root, inside the stone often typical planar cleavages at right angles to the faces. Please keep in mind the propensity of topaz to split and to treat these stones carefully, trying not to drop.

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Topaz gemstone has long been known to people. It may be recalled that, according to the Bible, Topaz was one of the stones contained in the pectoral (breastplate) high priest Aaron.

Most expensive and quality are pink-yellow Brazilian stones from the province of Minas Gerais in the district of Minas Noeas. Not by chance they are also called imperial topazes . Price of such faceted stones reaches $100 – $ 300 per carat. However, and this is not the limit. The cost of some purple and red topaz are often less than 750 dollars per carat!

However, colorless or pale blue stones and topaz-colored wine can cost very little. Such, for example, Ukrainian Volyn topaz. Priced at 4-6 dollars per carat value of the stone is quite a decent size may be only $ 50. So topaz is a stone of a very wide price range.

Gemstones that confused with topaz

Color “royal jelly” from topaz stone, once seen, impossible to forget. However, it is often look like artificial sapphires, which can be distinguished by refractometer. For topaz can take the yellow and yellow-brown citrines.

However quartz much softer than topaz and can not be as well-polished. In addition, color of citrine is approaching, only to pale colored topaz. It also will help refractometer (citrine refractive index is 1,54-1,55).

Topaz gemstones, in their colorless varieties, due to relatively high variance can be used to simulate diamonds.

In general, the practice shows that to determine the topaz a fairly simple test refractometer, fortunately, the commercial artificial topaz is not performed.

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In the Middle Ages topaz gemstone was considered the best remedy against poisoning. Was believed that if a food or drink containing poison, topaz necessarily changes its color. Not surprisingly, these stones are often decorated with precious goblets.

It is believed that a man wearing a topaz, always optimistic, he is able to enjoy life and enjoy the serene feeling of peace. Not accidentally called topaz stone internal enlightenment.For women it brings beauty, men – wisdom. Stone chases away the anger and hatred. Wearing topaz jewelry recommend that people who are burdened by uncertain fears: he is able to dispel them.Topaz helps to focus and attract material prosperity.

The magic topaz stones are considered precious topaz talisman , able to protect against the evil eye, witchcraft and the amulet from the other negative information effects. Topaz helps to combat depression and fears. He will dispel doubts and eliminate anger. Indian yogis believed topaz stimulant highest chakra – Sahasrara. In their practice, topaz was used in meditation to achieve the vision of pervasive, in which a person was connected with the supreme intelligence.
Topaz power
In ancient India, topaz was considered one of the 12 most important gems have healing properties. This stone is often mentioned in the texts of “Ayurveda”.

Modern lithotherapists believe that topaz gem have a projective energy Yang. They protect people from cold, accelerate the regeneration of tissues, treat digestive organs, gall bladder, spleen. Topaz help for insomnia and nervous exhaustion, relieves stress. Topaz healing properties strengthen the immune system and used as a protection against mental illness. Gourmets useful to remember that topaz exacerbated taste.

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Topaz jewelry should be those born under the zodiac sign Scorpio.
Planet topaz is the Sun.

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  1. Jewellery | May 27, 2018 at 5:37 pm |

    A gemstone that is generally yellow, ranging from canary-yellow to orange-yellow, but sometimes is colourless or of a wide range of other hues, including pale blue, pale green, pink, golden-brown, and sherry-brown. It is very hard but has strong CLEAVAGE and breaks easily; it has double refraction, low dichroism and colour dispersion, and a vitreous LUSTRE, and is pyroelectric.

    The topaz is often cut as a PENDELOQUE, but sometimes mounted as MIXED CUT and some stones (especially when colourless) are BRILLIANT CUT.
    The topaz is resembled by some other gemstones, e.g.
    (1) the colourless variety, by DIAMOND, ROCK CRYSTAL, and white CORUNDUM,
    (2) the yellow variety, by yellow SAPPHIRE (sometimes miscalled ‘Oriental topaz’) and yellow QUARTZ (which, when heated, is CITRINE, and sometimes called ‘false topaz’, ‘Brazilian topaz’ or ‘Spanish topaz’),
    (3) the greenish-blue variety, by AQUAMARINE, and
    4) the pink variety, by TOURMALINE (especially pink RUBELLITE).

    Some yellow topazes change colour by HEAT TREATMENT, e.g. the ROSE TOPAZ; but quick heating can remove all colour. There is no commercial synthetic topaz, but the term is sometimes applied to a coloured SYNTHETIC CORUNDUM. Among the local misnomers that have been applied to topaz is ‘Brazilian ruby’. The name ‘topaz’ was for centuries applied to a stone which was found on the Arabian Gulf island of Topazos. See AQUAMARINE TOPAZ; BRAZILIAN TOPAZ; BRAGANZA STONE.

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