Tiger’s Eye gems: meaning, properties, uses, power, jewelry

Tiger’s Eye gemstone: meaning, properties, uses, power, jewelry, photo


«Tiger’s Eye» is known to people since ancient times. Stones with such imaginative name of a species quartz, rich fibrous material. These fibers have “tiger eye” occurs characteristic wave reflux which most clearly seen in rocks processed in the form cabochons.

Hydroxides give “tiger’s eye” golden-brown silky sheen on which this stone is easily distinguished from the mineral with a similar optical effect – «cat’s eye ».

A variant of the “tiger eye” is «Hawk’s eye», in which the fibrous material submitted to the so-called crocidolite. Round cabochons of this stone with a narrow strip sition, located on a dark background, similar to the eyes of predatory birds. Hence arose the name of the stone.
Tiger’s Eye properties
Heat Treatment Tiger’s Eye gemstones» gives rise to its reddish color tones. Such stones are called «bulls eyes».

Deposits “tiger eye” exist on the territory of South Africa, Australia, India, Burma, Russia.

A crocidolite, mineral, make some of the popular “tiger eye”, rather like a chrizoberyl cat’s eye, but, fortunately, if you ever get acquainted with this inexpensive and widely used stone to make a mistake it would be difficult.

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«Tiger’s Eye jewelry» loved Roman wars which are engraved on the surface of magical symbols for protection in battle. Indians are also believed that the “tiger’s eye” is a powerful talisman stone.

Modern experts of mystical properties of stones believed that jewelry with “Tiger’s Eye” helps get rid of the pangs of unjustified jealousy, as well as protect its owner from hazards. Incidentally, in the old days believed that the “tiger’s eye” can become heavier, warning of predators.

It has long been believed that this stone is able to convert the flow of solar energy and send it to the body as a healing emanations. Magee felt that «tiger’s eye» manage solar energy and converts it into a healing stream “emanation” and directing it into the human body. Therefore the “tiger’s eye” was advised to wear ill and debilitated people.

Modern lithotherapists believe that the “tiger’s eye” has projective energy Yang and helps with asthma and psoriasis. The stone is able to influence the chakra of Manipur. Jewelry with “tiger eye” will help more quickly to cope with fatigue and overcome stress.


Tiger’s Eye jewelry recommend people to wear, born under the signs Gemini or Virgo.

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