Chalcedony gemstone: properties, uses, power, jewelry, photo

Chalcedony gemstone: meaning, properties, uses, power, jewelry, photo


Chalcedony is a group of minerals, which are variety of translucent micricrystalline quartz. The name of the stone was probably on the ground in Asia Minor – Khalkedon (now Turkey).

Chalcedony with particularly beautiful picture or color are considered semi-precious stones. It can be mammillary, botryoidal, or stalactitic, and is found in veins, geodes, and concretions. It is white when pure, but much chalcedony contains trace elements or microscopic inclusions of other minerals, giving a range of colours.

Depending on the color they have their own names. Chalcedony with a bright-red spots is usually called “heliothrope”. Pink chalcedony is named “cornelian”, it has a meat-and-red color. If the color differences are small segments, they talk about agate. Abrupt boundary layer is forced to speak about onyx.
what is Chalcedony
In fact chalcedony stones is usually called pale colors gems (milky-blue, greenish-blue, and yellow colors). Occurrences of all varieties of chalcedony are extremely numerous worldwide.

Chalcedony forms in cavities, cracks, and by replacement when low-temperature, silica-rich waters percolate through pre-existing rocks, in particular volcanic rocks. Chalcedony is relatively porous, and much chalcedony gemstones (in the form of agate, for example) on the commercial market has been dyed to enhance or artificially colour it.

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Chalcedony (“khalkidon”) as separate stones mentioned in the Apocalypse (The New Testament) to describe the pen of heaven. A variety of translucent quartz, blue chalcedony is a heavenly color. Other name of this stone is sapphirine.

Sky-blue chalcedony also called Mecca stone, blue lunar stone, Californian lunar stone and stones of St. Stephen.

Blue chalcedony known to people since ancient times. Along with sardonyx and carnelian, blue chalcedony is often used for making cameos, a huge collection of which is kept in St. Petersburg (Russia) at the Hermitage.

According to ancient manuscripts, chalcedony , as agate, was a talisman for sailors. Chalcedony was also considered a stone talisman of love, attracting women heart men. Amulet with chalcedony if freed from angry outbursts and bouts of melancholy. Chalcedony healing property is a primordial female essence, giving life and at the same time controversial.
Chalcedony jewelry
Mongols called blue chalcedony discovered in the Gobi desert as “stones with joy”, and believe they can banish depression and create a good mood. In India, Mongolia and China, blue chalcedony is also revered as magical stones that have a receptive energy of Yin.

In one of the ancient Indian treatise says that this stone has the color of pure consciousness. According to ancient ideas, it contains the elements of air and ether, therefore, chalcedony has a calming effect on the psycho-emotional sphere of rights.

Blue chalcedony jewelry is able to eliminate fear, to instill faith in the owner’s own forces.


Chalcedony are recommended to wear those who born under the zodiac sign Sagittarius.

It is a birthstone of December.

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  1. Chalcedony.
    The cryptocrystalline variety of QUARTZ that is usually pale blue or grey, uniform in tint, but some varieties of which have varicolored, internal bands or markings. It is porous and so can be (and often is) stained to alter or enhance the color.
    The gemstone varieties include AGATE, SARDONYX, SARD, CORNELIAN, CHRYSOPRASE, ONYX, PRASE, and many sub-varieties.
    It is widely imitated in colored GLASS, sometimes in several colours blended into each other.

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