Talisman energy. Use Gemstones as talismans

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Talisman – a decorative object or the object that provides protection and endowed with magical powers. Talisman can be any object or symbol, having, in your view, with mystical properties. As you already know, many gemstones and crystals have a mystic energy from the moment of their formation. Talisman has these special powers or inherent by nature, or it give them during the ceremony.

Talismans are often confused with amulets. However, the difference between them is significant: amulets passively protect its holder from spoiling, evil and negative energy, talisman also actively give their hosts a special force. For example, the sword Excalibur, endowed with supreme authority of the Virgin of the lake, gave Arthur the magical power.
Talismans for business people
In witchcraft books tells you how to make gem talismans. They are worn for many different occasions. They help in love, in the acquisition of wealth, give the ability to pronounce a flattering speech, bring good luck when playing games of chance and protect from destruction. Perhaps you can choose the talisman for all occasions.

Speaking as a talisman, the gemstone contributes to the overall harmonization of its owner, weakening the negative character traits, strengthening, enhancing and maintaining a positive, contributing to the further development of man, but can not develop new qualities for a man not common.

Talisman energy attracts outside a favorable effect in resonance with the corresponding natural rhythms of Earth and Space.

Spirituality talismans

Favor of the Gods – diamond, rhinestone, pearls, gold, jade, ruby, sapphire.
Belief – amethyst, bloodstone (heliotrope), rhinestone, emerald, lapis lazuli, ruby, sapphire, carnelian.
Spiritual forces – amethyst, jade, chrysolite.
Freedom from deficiencies – diamond, emerald.
Good deeds – emerald, jade, sapphire, topaz, chrysoprase.
Mercy – turquoise, jadeite, emerald, jade, sapphire, topaz.
Hope – amethyst, turquoise, emerald, lapis lazuli, moonstone, opal, sapphire, carnelian, topaz, tourmaline, chrysoprase.
Peace and tranquility –agate , lapis lazuli, moonstone, jade, sapphire, carnelian.
Knowledge of being – jadeite, jade.
Resistance against temptations – amethyst, sapphire.
Spiritual cleanliness and purity of thought – diamond, amethyst, rhinestone, emerald, jade, opal, sapphire, topaz.

Welfare talismans

Prosperity – turquoise, pearls, lapis lazuli, jade, carnelian, topaz.
Wealth – diamond, amethyst, turquoise, pearls, gold, moonstone, carnelian, topaz, chrysoprase, garnet.
Youth – coral, tourmaline.
Power – diamond,
Wisdom, wise life –aquamarine, pearls, emerald, coral, jade, ruby, topaz, chrysoprase, jasper.
Enjoying life –topaz.
well-being – alexandrite, turquoise, pearls, emerald, lapis lazuli.
Fire of youth – aventurine , tourmaline.
Rest from worries – carnelian.
Recognition of creativity –amethyst, garnet, opal, topaz.
Joy – aventurine , aquamarine, diamond, garnet, pearls, gold, emerald, lapis lazuli, malachite, sapphire, carnelian.
Happiness – aventurine , diamond, amethyst, turquoise, bloodstone (heliotrope), garnet, pearls, coral, lapis lazuli, malachite, jade, opal, carnelian, topaz, spinel, amber, jasper.
Mood – aventurine , aquamarine, amethyst, turquoise, garnet, ruby, carnelian, chrysolite.
Peacefulness alexandrite, amethyst, emerald, lapis lazuli, jade, sapphire.

Talismans for business people

Business activity – diamond, rhinestone, garnet.
Favorable dating – beryls, turquoise, rhinestone.
Implementation requests – turquoise, bloodstone (heliotrope), rhinestone, carnelian.
Proper dignity – emerald, ruby, chrysolite.
Resourcefulness – emerald.
Intuition – turquoise, emerald, topaz, amber.
Reason – opal, tiger eye.
Eloquence – agate , aquamarine, beryls, garnet, emerald, carnelian, chalcedony, jasper.
Insight – emerald.
Glory – diamond, garnet.
High social status – diamond, amethyst, garnet.
Teaching abilities – tiger eye.
Victory – aquamarine, diamond, beryls, turquoise, hematite, pearls, emerald, jade, opal, ruby, sapphire, chalcedony, amber, jasper.
Memory – alexandrite, diamond, amethyst, coral, onyx, ruby, jasper.
Prediction and forecasting – alexandrite, amethyst, beryls, turquoise, green garnet, rhinestone, pearls, emerald, coral, lapis lazuli, moonstone, malachite, silver, fluorite, chrysoberyl, chrysolite, jasper.
Luck – amethyst, turquoise, rhinestone, emerald, lapis lazuli, topaz, chrysolite.
Mind – agate , aventurine , diamond, amethyst, jadeite, emerald, cat’s eye, carnelian, jade, цитрин, jasper.
Success – diamond, turquoise, emerald, lapis lazuli, ruby, chrysoprase.
Economic activities – tiger eye.

Health talismans

Health talismans

For appetit – rhinestone, coral, ruby, sapphire.
Longevity – agate , alexandrite, turquoise, bloodstone (heliotrope), gold, pearls, emerald, coral, moonstone, jade, ruby, sardonyx, silver, amber.
Fit – aventurine , amethyst, rhinestone, jade, sapphire, silver.
Lactation – rhinestone, opal.
Worsening hearing – onyx, carnelian.
Sanity – agate , amethyst.
Water purification – agate, gold, sardonyx, carnelian, silver, chalcedony.
Easy delivery – agate , diamond, turquoise, gagate , rhinestone, garnet, emerald, lapis lazuli, malachite, jade, rhodonite, carnelian, amber, jasper.
Dream (strong and healthy) – diamond, amethyst, turquoise, rhinestone, garnet, emerald, lapis lazuli, malachite, ruby, chrysolite.
Pleasant dreams –amethyst.
Power – agate , diamond, turquoise, garnet, pearls, emerald, rhodonite, ruby, sapphire, carnelian, tourmaline, topaz, chalcedony, amber, jasper.
Heredity – beryls.
Energy – bloodstone (heliotrope), rhinestone, carnelian.

Talismans of happy character traits

Serenity – topaz.
Selflessness and generosity – diamond, amethyst, turquoise, sapphire.
Prudence – agate , amethyst, cat’s eye, moonstone, topaz, chrysolite.
Complacency – ruby.
Piety – amethyst, turquoise, sapphire.
Abstinence – diamond, amethyst, jade, sapphire.
Inspiration – amethyst, turquoise, emerald.
Magnanimity – emerald, topaz.
Endurance – chrysoprase.
Cheerfulness – diamond, topaz.
Daydreaming – moonstone.
Sociability – beryls, topaz.
Animation – emerald.
Optimism – topaz.
Caution – agate , moonstone, obsidian.
Consistency – diamond, amethyst, rhinestone, garnet, emerald, sapphire, chrysolite, chrysoprase.
Truth – amethyst, emerald, opal, sapphire, topaz.
Devotion – alexandrite, amethyst, garnet, ruby.
Friendliness – amethyst, beryls.
Premonition and insight – diamond, turquoise, carnelian, topaz.
Pleasure to others – agate , amethyst, diamond, red garnet, emerald, onyx, ruby, sapphire, carnelian, topaz, chrysolite, spinel.
Mind – amethyst, garnet, pearls, emerald, cat’s eye, jade, ruby, jasper.
Repentance – amethyst, sapphire.
Prudence – aquamarine, pearls, jade, tiger eye, topaz.
Accommodating – alexandrite.
Humility – amethyst, sapphire.
Intelligence — emerald, topaz.
Justice – garnet, jadeite, lapis lazuli, jade, ruby, sapphire.
Resistance – jadeite.
Grit – diamond.
Creativity – emerald, rhodonite.
Respect – diamond, ruby.
Confidence – beryls.
Moderation – jade.
Persistence – garnet, jasper.
Fantasy – aventurine , bloodstone (heliotrope).
Composure – emerald, sapphire.
Bravery, courage – agate , aquamarine, diamond, amethyst, turquoise, jadeite, emerald, jade, ruby, sapphire, carnelian, amber, jasper.
Honesty – aquamarine, emerald, jade, ruby, sapphire, topaz.
Honor – garnet, opal, ruby, sapphire, jasper.