Heliodor gemstone: meaning, properties, jewelry, photo

Heliodor gemstone: meaning, properties, uses, power, jewelry, photo


The ancient Greeks believed that Sun is a fiery chariot drawn by four fiery horses. At her god Helios each day passes across the sky. At night, he returns to the golden bowl on the sea home, where he was waiting for her sister – the goddess of night, Selena and the goddess of dawn Eos.

In honor of Helios in the beginning of XX century a variety of transparent beryl golden color became known heliodor.

Literally translated heliodor means “gift of the sun” (Greek “helios” meaning “the sun”). In literature heliodor also known as gold beryl .
what is Heliodor
By Heliodor ranked as gray and white with a yellowish tinge beryl. Quality and value of the stones is determined by their transparency. More common opaque stones, but their price is low. The most prized yellowish-green, lemon yellow and golden-yellow with honey-colored transparent heliodor stones. Sometimes there are very large transparent heliodor gem quality.

Heliodor deposits known in Brazil, Madagascar, in the territory of Namibia. One of these unique crystals colored young foliage is stored in the Mineralogical Museum of the Mining Institute in St. Petersburg. The crystal was found in the Urals, a length of 20 cm

heliodor stone heliodor crystal green heliodor heliodor gemstone


It is believed that the heliodor warm shades can help people find peace of mind and become wiser. This stone gives the heart the joy of its owner, is the peace and quiet. Heliodor will help create an atmosphere of relaxation and entertainment. It is believed that heliodor jewelry owned by a woman is able to increase the number of her fans.

The technology for artificial heliodor have been developed now, which are practically indistinguishable from natural stones.


It believed heliodor gem is a birthstone of Leo and Gemini.

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