Rhodonite gemstone: meaning, properties, jewelry, photo

Rhodonite gemstone: meaning, properties, uses, power, jewelry, photo


The second after malachite Ural stones considered rhodonite.
Its name goes back to the Greek word “rhodon” meaning “rose”, “pink “, which indicates the scarlet, crimson or pink color of this stone.
No accident in the East rhodonite for its characteristic color called “stone of dawn”.

For rhodonite typical thin black branching veins, consisting of oxides of manganese. On a pink background, they form intricate patterns and folding sometimes these “landscapes”. Rhodonite with inclusions of yellow or brown color called foulerite. It is sometimes marred by viens or patches of black.

Rhodonite is found in various manganese ores, often with rhodochrosite, or as a metamorphic product of rhodochrosite. Rhodonite is mined in India, Brasil, England, Russia, Sweden, and the USA. Crystals are found in Australia, Peru, New Jersey, USA.
what is Rhodonite
Rhodonite is gorgeous ornamental stone. In the middle of the XIX century. of rhodonite carved magnificent vases, bowls, tabletops and desk sets. In Peter and Paul Cathedral in St. Petersburg is one of the stone tombs, under which lie the royal remains, carved from solid blocks of rhodonite. His weight is 7 tons.

Rhodonite gem is used occasionally in jewelry when opaque and cut en cabochon or as beads, but only rarely as a faceted translucent gemstone, which is sometimes faceted for collectors. Massive rhodonite is relatively tough, and is particularly good is carving medium.

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It is believed that rhodonite gemstone awakens hidden talents and abilities, rhodonite talisman promotes the development of various skills and dexterity. India and Thailand rhodonite appreciated for the magic property to awaken in people the love of life.

Rhodonite is able to fill fortitude physical body of man. This stone is considered a messenger of higher powers. The balls, made from rhodonite, used for meditation.

In the old days in the East slices rhodonite gem was applied around the eyes to strengthen sight. Yoga is believed that the vibration of the soft pink color, penetrating into the aura, stimulates the heart chakra and solar plexus; charge the thin (air) and the physical body.

Eastern healers are made of “stone dawn” special elixir for the treatment of cancer. It helps and when liver disease.
Rhodonite jewelry

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Rhodonite jewelry as birthstone recommended to wear those born under the signs Libra and Gemini.

Rhodonite properties react badly to people born under the signs Aries and Sagittarius.

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