Stone healing and therapy, lithotherapy. Stone treatment

Stone healing - stone therapy - lithotherapy - stone treatment

For the treatment of stones, there are currently two names: lithotherapy and stone therapy . Both terms mean roughly the same thing – namely, the use of the healing power of stones for healing people.
However, there is some discrepancy in defining these concepts – someone believes that these terms overlap, one distinguishes various nuances.

Most stone therapy is called the physical and energetic effects on the human body during the massage stones.

Lithotherapy denote a broader concept. It is a method of healing power of gems, which means, in addition, some aspects of psychological, astrological, mystical stones at the impact of carrying and contemplation.
But such a division is conditional, in fact, treatments stones work best together and in interaction.

However, are not in the terminology and not even in the interpretation of how the gems are able to heal people. The fact that successful healing stones tested for millennia.

Why is this happening? At this point there are many different opinions. One of them, the most common currently in lithotherapy, is as follows. Vibration of stone energy flows are very close to a similar vibration rights. If the stone properly selected and “tame”, the vibration of the stone and its owner will be the same.

use healing stone It is hard to judge whether this explanation is correct. It, like any other, lies only a portion of the truth.
Because in life there is always secret, inaccessible logic of reason.

Perhaps the answer to his power only know stones themselves, but they prefer to remain silent. Therefore, we can only trust in them, and centuries-old experience of mankind.

The first mention of the use of healing stone tools dating back to the III millennium BC In ancient China, for example, emperors cured with massage heated polished jadeite stone – green gems with the ability to maximize heat transfer for a long time. And some of them were prepared powder for use inside.

Eastern healers have used not only gems, but volcanic rocks. They discovered that by using them you can quickly restore the health of people in case of poisoning, heart disease, etc.

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