Jadeite gemstone: properties, uses, power, jewelry, photo

Jadeite gemstone: meaning, properties, uses, power, jewelry, photo


Jadeite is a valuable form of jade stone, which is also called “New Zealand” stone, but jade is much more widespread and, according to most buyers, is less attractive.
Its existence must be remembered, so long as the quality of jadeite necklace sold for hundreds of thousands of pounds, and jade – less than a thousand.

Jadeite gem looks like a jade gem; separate these two stones in the mineralogical practice began only after the discovery of the New World. No chance so far in English literature, both minerals sometimes the general term “jade”.
Moreover, in everyday practice jade could also call the serpentineand grossular garnets .The term “ jadeite gem ” was put into practice the French mineralogist Demur only in 1863

Both jade and jadeite are compounds of silica. Both minerals are strong due to tight coupling of needle-shaped crystals and radiating aggregates of which they consist. Like jade, tough and hard jadeite is well polished to a shine and so is the jewelry and gemstones high quality.
Jadeite properties
Emerald or light green color to translucent jadeite give the impurity compound of chromium and iron (in the case of jade – magnesium, sodium, nickel and vanadium). There are jadeite and other colors – off-white, pink, purple. There are even blue jade. Black-and-green jadeite is called hloromelanite. Long weathering leads to the appearance of nature on the surface of jadeite red or yellow hue. This effect is caused by the transition of divalent iron into trivalent. A special kind of jadeite is almost transparent noble, or as it is called “imperial jade”. It extracted in Burma.

Stone name came from a combination of Spanish words “piedro dejoda” meaning “the side rock”, because it was believed that this mineral is able to relieve back pain.

Jadeite stone is mined in Kazakhstan, Italy, Indonesia, Russia, China and Mexico, the United States and Japan.

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Already in the Stone Age of jadeite did scrapers and knives. In pre-Columbian America, the Mayas, Aztecs jade gemstone was a cult rock. This stone was prized in the East, where he carved out bowls, vases, cups, brooches, bracelets and other jadeite jewelry .

It have survived a lot of old jadeite figurines , carved Chinese and Japanese masters. Jadeite was well known in India. In one of the museums of Berlin kept the flute of Indian jadeite of XVI-XVII centuries.

Still considered the most valuable emerald-green variety of translucent jadeite – “ imperial jadeite ”. This is the stone most often used in jewelry. For the price it is comparable with an emerald. At one of the world’s auction, held in 1980, jadeite gem weighing 350 carats was valued at two million dollars. Cheaper bright green opaque jadeite professionals call “utility”.

It should be noted that has developed a method of staining the white and gray jadeite in a bright green color, which can be used unsorted jadeite in jewelry. To distinguish these stones from natural dyed for an amateur is not easy.

Best jadeite are distinguished by their color – the color of bright green apples to grass-green, translucent and are very beautiful stones are called “Imperial”. For the first time confronted with beads of this material and still not knowing what it is, you can take him for an amazingly beautiful green chalcedony.

One of its most notable features is the characteristic “orange peel” on the surface (tiny specks where the stone has been polished). With the identification of jadeite should be cautious, because beads of it in one thread in the late 1970’s sold for 50,000 pounds! Оther jadeite shades is more common and cheaper. Purple and violet hue quite are attractive, beads from it can cost several thousand pounds (to simulate a purple jadeite often used his painted pale variety).
Jadeite jewelry
The most common and cheapest form called “mutton fat” is often used for crafts in China.

Jade have never catch up with exceptional emerald-green jadeite color. Most green jade gems are darker, resembling the color of the willow leaves, they can grind to a complete smoothness.

Distinguish jadeite stone from jade – a task for the amateur intractable. If the underside of the cabochon is flat, you can use to verify refractometer (refractive index of jadeite – 1,65-1,66, jade – 1, 61-1,63). In practice jade rarely present as jadeite, sold in Europe unless the jadeite necklace of the material quality “Imperial”, the others find their buyers in the market Hong Kong, where jade valued highly enough.

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Bright green jadeite ascribe the same value as jade healing properties: protection from all troubles and misfortunes. It is believed that jadeite jewelry bring people emotional discharge and able to make him happy.

In the old days in the East it was believed that hemmed in his hand a piece of jadeite to help conclude a profitable bargain.

Charms and jadeite pendants you can give your friends who love to grow plants, since the beneficial effect of jadeite extends to the plant world.

Along with jade jadeite gem is used in Chinese and Tibetan medicine as a good energy regulator, has a receptive energy Yin. Healers believe that the noble jadeite its energy Qi aligns impaired bioenergetics and enables the emotional charge and regulates blood pressure. Jadeite energy has ability to level and soothe emotional outbursts. It is believed that it helps fight infertility.

In Shanghai, one of Buddha’s image as a man almost entirely made of jadeite.

It is worth recalling that the Spanish colonialists called jade “kidney stone” and regarded him as a talisman of kidney health. Necklaces and bracelets made of jadeite have positive impact on the heart, line the blood pressure, protect against the influence weather.

Jadeite ring can remove eye fatigue and is useful in the meditative treatment of myopia.

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