Peridot gemstone: meaning, properties, uses, jewelry, photo

Peridot gemstone: meaning, properties, uses, power, jewelry, photo


In English and German mineralogical literature peridots called stones magnesium silicate and iron. Currently, peridot is considered a kind of chrysolite, though earlier under chrysolite implied a broader class of transparent stone, painted in golden-yellow tones.

Occasionally dark yellow, golden-green or greenish crystals, which are used in jewelry. The word “peridot” is of French origin, but its precise etymology is unclear.

Peridot gems are familiar to people since ancient times. One of the most important of their deposits on the island Zeberget in the Red Sea was known to people for three and a half thousand years ago. Peridot is also mined in Australia, Brazil, USA, Southern Africa peridot are often found together with diamond gems.
Peridot properties
The most rare variants of peridot is geridote cat’s eye and star peridot. Greenish peridot is easily confused with chrysoberyl or emerald. The characteristic individuality peridots is birefringence visible to the naked eye.

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Earlier this stone called olivine, because it is a valuable variety of this mineral, but then followed by its name “peridot”, which put an end to confusion when, under the same word meant demantoide garnet stones.

Peridot easy to distinguish even an amateur in his expressive olive or yellowish-green color and strong double refraction (visible through a magnifying glass). Its refractive index is equal to 1,65-1,69, these values are well read in polished samples.

Peridot not subjected to high temperature treatment or irradiation.

A classic place of peridots mining is an island with a romantic name of St.John in the Red Sea.

Good examples are also derived from Burma and from Arizona. In the jewelry business peridot gems has been widely used in the 1830 and 1840, and, like garnet, was one of the favorites of the movement “Arts and Crafts”.

For completeness, it is worth mentioning as a brown variety of peridot, which is called “sinhalite”.
Peridot jewelry


Experts recommend to wear peridot with gold. Such peridot jewellery enhance the spiritual forces and develop intuition.

It believed peridot jewelry be useful for the normalization of cardiac activity and blood pressure. They have a beneficial effect on the human body in the treatment of colds, diseases of the eye and spine.

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