Verdelite gemstone: meaning, properties, jewelry, photo

Verdelite gemstone: meaning, properties, uses, power, jewelry, photo


Verdelite stone is the green variety of tourmaline (name born from “verde” is meaning “green” and Greek. “lithos” meaning “stone”).
It will be recalled that tourmalines (borosilicates) come in a variety of colors. Depending on the color of their separate category of gems. There are 11 species in the tourmaline group, including elbaite, dravite, schorl, and liddicoatite.

In jewelry are most often used these types of tourmaline, as pink and red rubellite, yellowish-brown dravite, blue indicolite and colorless or white achroite. In this series are greenish tourmaline – verdelite gemstone.
Verdelite properties
All of these color varieties of tourmaline combine into a single group of mineral elbaite. Elbaite forms a solidsolution series with dravite, and dravite forms a solidsolution series with elbaite and with schorl.

However, such details for the fans to anything. Suffice it to remember that tourmaline are and green colors.

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Verdelite gem is the most common of the noble tourmaline. The green color gives it an impurity iron compounds. Shades of verdelite can vary from pale to dark grass-green. Uneven distribution of impurities is often a bizarre play of colors in the crystals of tourmaline-verdelite. For example, there verdelite gemstones with red rubellite peaks, reminiscent of a Turkish fez. Such crystals are referred to as “Turk’s head”.

Most important verdelite deposits are in Brazil (place Minas Novas). Not by chance in Europe, brought from the New World verdelite for some time been known as “Brazilian emeralds”. Verdelite stones mined in the Urals, in Transbaikalia, California and Namibia.

The most dramatic of the colour-zoned gems is the “watermelon” verdelite-tourmaline, which, when sliced across the crystal, shows a red or pink centre surrounded by a rim of green. Some crystals are pink at one end and green at the other.

The superb red and green crystals from the Pala district, San Diego, USA, the colour-zoned watermelon crystals from Brazil, and the magnificent red prismatic crystals from Madagascar and Mozambique are among the most stunningly beautiful gem materials.
Verdelite jewelry


It is believed that verdelite jewelry better suited to people born under the signs Leo, Capricorn and Sagittarius.

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