Serpentine gemstone: meaning, power, jewelry, photo

Serpentine gemstone: meaning, properties, uses, power, jewelry, photo


Serpentine stone name comes from the Latin serpens meaning “snake” and points to the characteristic color of gemstone. It may be greenish-yellow or dark-green with the characteristic spots, which give the stone likeness of a snake’s skin.

Serpentine gemstone is opaque, but its light variety – noble ophite – little miss sunshine. Often, the serpentine has a fibrous or foliated. The serpentine is similar in appearance to jade, although it is an entirely different mineral, serpentine is softer and more pliable jade. For the characteristic color jade sometimes referred to as “Boletus”.
Serpentine meaning
Deposits of this mineral exist in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. The serpentine was found in England, Hungary, Germany (Bavaria, Saxony), India, Italy, New Zealand, USA and Sweden. Serpentine gems from China and Mongolia is not so long ago called «Korean jade». Variety serpentine yellow or yellow-green color called antigorite (under the name of the valley Antigorio in Italy, where they found such stones).

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According to ancient legend, Adam, choking apple of knowledge, spat out a piece of the serpentine. Therefore sometimes serpentine called “stone of Adam” and believe treacherous stone, symbol of temptation and possible sins. Sometimes her are people who deliberately seek to enter others in cheating. Connoisseurs of ancient knowledge say that serpentine jewelry recommend wearing people who want to avoid the dangers on the road of life.

In Mongolia jade-looking serpentine («toligor”) is a stone-amulet from the bites of snakes and insects. This stone is the view of local residents can protect the wearer from negative influences from other people.

In the old days there was a belief that because of its “snake” color serpentine can be an effective antidote. From the serpentine cut mortar and made the cup. Hence this mineral was known as the “chemist’s stone”.

Modern lithotherapists believe that serpentine amulet helps headaches, he is able to awaken from their lethargy and accelerates the fusion of bones.
Serpentine jewelry

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For people born under the sign of Virgo, the serpentine gem can become the symbol of cognition.

Wearing serpentine jewelry may Capricorn.

Do not adorn themselves serpentine jewellery Scorpio and Gemini.

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  1. Serpentine.
    A type of rock that, owing to its origin from the decomposition of various constituent minerals, varies considerably in appearance and characteristics.
    The most valuable varieties are of shades of green, resembling and sometimes sold as the nephrite variety of jade; and some bear misnomers, e.g. KOREAN JADE and NEW JADE.
    Often it is mottled with reddish-brown, hence its name. It is fairly soft, so that it has been used for carving CAMEOS and INTAGLIOS.
    A harder variety is BOWENITE, which is more used in jewelry than are the other varieties, e.g. WILLIAMSITE, ANTIGORITE, RETINALITE. Massive rocks of serpentine include several varieties of marble, and fibrous serpentine (chrysotile) is a source of asbestos.

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