Sapphire gemstone: properties, uses, power, jewelry, photo

Sapphire gemstone: meaning, properties, uses, power, jewelry, photo


Sapphire is a type of corundum. The blue color of sapphires is caused by impurities of titanium and iron. A Russian writer Kuprin in his novel “Shulamith” so wrote about the color of sapphires: “One of them resemble the color of the cornflower in wheat, others at the autumn sky, some at sea in clear weather.” However, there yellow, green, purple and even pink sapphires.

The modern term «Sapphire» is derived from the Greek word sapfeiros, which may be traced back to ancient Jewish “sappir” and ancient “canipriya” meaning “beloved Saturn”. According to another version, the word “sapphire” comes from the Babylonian “Cipro” – “scarring”, which is likely, given the hardness of this stone. It should be remembered that in ancient times was called sapphires all gems are blue.
Sapphire power
Deposits of sapphires have long existed in Australia, Brazil, Burma, Cambodia, Thailand, Madagascar, USA, France, Sri Lanka, Russia. Traditionally sapphires are mined in India. In Africa, mines sapphires are known in Kenya and Tanzania.

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The vast majority of gem-quality pure sapphires supply the world market, India and Australia when it should take into account that the natural transparent crystals are quite rare. Not surprisingly, in the case of large flawless stones cost per carat can be more than 4000 dollars.

“Kissing your hand may make you feel very very good but a diamond and a sapphire bracelet lasts forever”. Anita Loos. “Gentlemen prefer blondes”.

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Sapphires deep blue has long been “royal stones” – a symbol of wisdom, power, and the victory of justice. It is believed that pure sapphire makes a person calm subdues passion and is able to influence the course of time. Particularly “strong” are stones on the surface of which through the inclusion of rutile in ogranke there are three intersecting beams.They are tied with the great powers – faith, hope and love.

Also believed that sapphire ring helps to feel lies. It can also help people find purpose in life, overcome fear, laziness and inactivity, to awaken the thirst of knowledge.

Hindus believed that sapphires exude the energy of life – prana. It is known that the high priests of ancient Egypt were wearing sapphire jewelry, which was inscribed a symbol of Truth. According to biblical legend, King Solomon’s seal has been made is of sapphire. In ancient Greece and ancient Rome sapphire devoted Supreme Deity – Zeus (respectively Jupiter). In the form cabochons faceted sapphires, resembling the vault of heaven, could be in the rings only representatives of the upper society. In the “Revelation” of John sapphire marked the penultimate stage of the pyramid, leading to the heavenly city of Jerusalem.

In India sapphire stone was considered closely related to the Cosmos. Stone, as it absorbed into itself the astral colour of his cold. According to the eminent Russian theologian Paul Florenski in sapphire can see the symbol of the soul, rush into eternity. In ancient China, a sky-blue color symbolized the soul after death.

To display sapphire healing properties, its owner must be chaste and good. Not accidentally sapphire gem called “stone of nuns”, who helped them to preserve virginity. It is believed that sapphires have a receptive energy of Yin. These stones have an impact on the Ajna chakra, they lower blood pressure, helps with insomnia, back pain, colds and even cancer.
Sapphire jewelry
A ring, or bracelet with a sapphire on the left hand to help with asthma, heart disease and neuralgia. It was believed that sapphire healing properties can cure leprosy and all sorts of “evil growths”. Water, which were sapphires, helps with eye disease.

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Sapphire jewelry recommended to wear those born under the sign of Sagittarius.

Jewellery with sapphires contraindicated Capricorn.
Planet sapphire is Jupiter.

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