Rubellite gemstone: meaning, power, jewelry, photo

Rubellite gemstone: meaning, properties, uses, power, jewelry, photo


Rubellite is a kind of tourmaline gemstone. It will be recalled that among the tourmalines are several minerals with their names. The most valuable and rich hues is elbaite, named for the island of Elba, where there were up to this type of tourmaline.

Rubellite stone is a pink, crimson variety of elbaite (Latin “rubella” meaning “red”). Pink color, like many other minerals of tourmaline group, gives the admixture of manganese. Its color is ranging from pale rose-red to deep ruby-red.
Rubellite jewelry
Rubellite known in California, in Ceylon and Madagascar. The largest crystals of rubellite were found in Brazil, and their length reached 130 cm price of such crystals reach several million dollars. On the territory of Russia rubellite were found at the mines of the Urals and the Middle East Transbaikalia.

The distinction between ruby gemstone and other transparent red minerals like rubellite has been made only relatively recently, and so the term “ruby” has often been misapplied in the past. Red rubellite is sometimes called by the misnomer “Siberian ruby”.

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All varieties of rubellite gems is usually recommended to wear as a pendant on gold chain, or a rubellite ring on his right index finger or middle finger of his left hand. Straighten the stones better in gold or silver.

Like other pink stones (rose quartz, scapolite), rubellite jewelry has beneficial effect on the heart, filling it with love, courage and faith.
Rubellite properties
Experts of stones mystical properties believed that rubellite gem have a projective energy Yang. These stones are beneficial to the body and mind, help fight anxiety and fear. It is believed that, depending on their color all tourmalines can affect various organs and affect different chakras.

For example, lithotherapists believe that if the green tourmaline set in the heart chakra with rubellite, then such a combination will freshen the heart, give him new strength.

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