Rock crystal gems: properties, uses, power, jewelry, photo

Rock crystal gemstone: meaning, properties, uses, power, jewelry, photo


From a chemical point of view rock crystal is quartz – ordinary silica. The crystals are transparent and resemble crystal weird icicles.
Not accidentally, the term «rock crystal» is derived from the Greek word “krystallos” meaning “ice”.

Curiously, the word “crystal” in reference to the form of minerals began to be used in mineralogy only in the first half of the XVIII century.
Or, more precisely, since 1747 in Japan rock crystal felt frozen dragon’s breath. Not so long ago in Europe, rock crystal called “Arab” or “Bohemian diamond” or “rhinestone”.
Rock crystal power
In nature rock crystal stones occurs in the form of crystals. Their sizes range from millimeters to meters. Sometimes the weight of the druze mountain crystal reaches ton. Sometimes a rock crystal found needle inclusion crystals of rutile. They are a little reminiscent of hair, so these stones are called “hair-worm”, “needle” stones.

Deposits of rock crystal exist in the Urals, East Siberia, in the Swiss and French Alps, in Hungary, Brazil, on the islands of Madagascar and Ceylon,.

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Rock crystal or rhinestone has been known for ancient people. They were made of him arrowheads. Tens of thousands of years ago by the Aztecs and the Maya carved ritual skull from a single piece of crystal. To see these unique products can now be in the museums of Europe and America. Female cherel crystal weighing 5 kg exhibited at the British Museum.

Due to its transparency, rockcrystal has long been used for the production of lenses. For example, in Mongolia and China, often burned frame with crystal balls, through which the rays of the sun. Olympic flame lit in Ancient Greece and with the help of crystal lenses. Curiously, this tradition was revived in our days. In ancient Rome, carved from rock crystal vases and decorated them with ornaments. In the Kremlin Armory Museum stored items, carved from rock crystal: a samovar, a washstand and a mug that belonged to Peter I.

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Crystal Ball – a frequent attribute of magicians and diviners. Not by chance is called rock crystal “stone of clairvoyants”. These balls are at all times used to predict the future and evocation.
It is believed that rock crystal focuses, improves speech and sharpens thinking processes. A ball of rock crystal used Tibetan lamas and modern sibyl Wang.

This ball mentioned in the novel “Eugene Onegin” by Alexander Pushkin, when he writes: “And the distance free romance / I through the magic crystal / It is not clearly distinguish.

The largest “magic» rock crystal ball is stored in the National Museum in Washington. Its diameter is 32.7 cm

in Indian and Tibetan medicine rock crystal playing a leading role. It is believed that his power is easily adjusted to the frequency of vibration rights, regulates and stabilizes them. Tibetan lamas use crystal balls for the disclosure of the “third eye”, they call rock crystal “alive” because of their six faces symbolize the six chakras of man, which converge to the summit – the seventh chakra, which is directed upwards, into space.

In ancient Tibet, Mongolia and China, doctors were able to cauterize the wound with the help of sunlight passed through balls of rock crystal . Modern lithotherapists believe that the natural crystal stabilizes the spiritual and physical powers of man.
Rock crystal jewelry
Rock crystal jewelry contribute to the good work of spinal cord and brain, helping with coronary heart disease, varicose veins and respiratory diseases. With the help of rock crystal healing properties can remove the headache and deal with stress. It is believed that they help to lower the temperature.

It is interesting that even in Roman patrician worn in the heat for cooling in the hands of small balls of rock crystal. In modern China crystal balls used for massage, and small sharp crystals (so-called “Banshee”) – for stimulation of biologically active points of the body.

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