Rhodolite gemstone: meaning, power, jewelry, photo

Rhodolite gemstone: meaning, properties, uses, power, jewelry, photo


Translated from the Greek rhodolite is “pink stone”. This mineral is a deep-pink variety of pyrope. “Pyros” on the ancient Greek is meaning “fire”. Not accidentally pyrope are a large group of garnets; before them otherwise called Cape rubies.

The rhodolite composition approximately equates two parts pyrope and one part almandine. Faceted rhodoliths and pyrope fan can easily be confused, for example, with a noble spinel. Outwardly, these stones are alike.

Sometimes there are pyrope, having in daylight green, lilac or blue, but in artificial – lilac, raspberry, violet. Some colour modifiers have been added to the term ‘rhodolite’: these trade names, apart from grape garnet, retain the financial advantage of rhodolite soubriquet.

Raspberry Rhodolite is called so because its fine purplish pink colour resembles that of the fruit. Discovered in early 1987, it is a member of the pyrope-almandite series found in the Kangala area of Tanzania.

Cranberry Rhodolite located in south-eastern British Columbia, its cranberry-bearing crystals riched 10 cm in diameter.
Rhodolite properties
Cherry rhodolite displays a bright cherry-red colour, it is mined in the Umba River Valley region, Tanzania.
The most desirable color for rhodolite is purplish red of a medium tone. Large gemstones tend to be darker and more cranberry red with wonderful violet flashes; however, larger stones 5 cts, with poor transparency tend to be over-dark and unattractive.

A light, almost purple-pink coloured fine ‘silk-free’ rhodolite occurs in the Tanga region (towards the Kenyan border), Tanzania.

The main locality for rhodolite is North Carolina, USA, Tanzania, India (Orissa), Sri Lanka, Malawi, Brazil and Madagascar, Mozambique (Cuamba), Kenya (Lokirima area).

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Large rhodolite gems are extremely rare. They are very much expensive. Usually the color of gem determined on eyes, on the basis of their comparison with standard spectral hues.
This rhodolites are painted with varieties like garnet gemstones, as pyrope or almandine.
Rhodolite jewelry
According to some legends, faceted rhodolites give the owner of the vital energy and stimulate its passion. Rhodolites advise people to be powerful, permanently located in an active state.

Lithotherapists believe rhodolite healing properties can have beneficial effects on blood circulation. Like the garnets, they also have a positive effect on the digestive, immune and respiratory system.

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As garnet gems, rhodolith is the birthstone of January and the planet Mars.

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