Nacre gemstone: meaning, properties, uses, power, photo

Nacre gemstone: meaning, properties, uses, power, jewelry, photo


Nacre is called the inner layer of mollusk shells. Not by chance another name of nacre is the “mother of pearls”. Also called nacre in French (mereperfe). The term “nacre” derives from the Arabic word “nakar” meaning “shell”.

Pearl and nacre are almost the same composition. They are constructed of very thin plates of calcium carbonate (aragonite), immersed in the organic matter – conchiolin. In spherical pearls aragonite plates are perpendicular to the surface, in nacre they lie parallel to the surface. Platelets refract light rays, due to this optical effect nacre has different shades of colors – from white to almost black.
Nacre birthstone
Shells with quality nacre live in warm tropical seas: in the Persian Gulf, Red Sea, near the island of Ceylon and the Pacific Islands.
The world mother-of-pearl market supply Japan and the Philippines. Beautiful black nacre abalone shell give-haliotisa (Hotiotis). White mother of pearl shell give the Indian sea pearl (Mefeagrina morgaritifera), which reaches a diameter of 10 cm

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Since ancient times nacre is used for inlays and production of inexpensive jewelry. In China, the most prized white mother of pearl, although it is different colors. History shows that the walls of the palace of Nero in ancient Rome were decorated with mother of pearl.

in Europe until the XVII century nacre has been used mainly for inlays. Of the whole shells, which was withdrawn by the outer layer, made framed in silver goblets. A number of excellent cup of shells, silver-mounted, have long been kept in Moscow in the Armoury Chamber.
Nacre jewelry
European jewelers created a fine engraving on the surface of the shell cephalopods-nautilus, taking off her thin top layer. These shells were placed to the open frame, transforming them into strange cups. The work of this kind were very popular among the Nuremberg masters of the late XVII – early XVIII century. In the decoration of cups-nautilus usually used images of mythological characters, one way or another connected with the marine element. Products made of iridescent mother of pearl were particularly popular in Europe in the XVIII, which was then fascinated by the Rococo style. Such nacre shells may be found in sales and in our days.

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Powdered nacre and pearl can be bought at any pharmacy medieval until the XVIII century. This means attributed to the healing power that can help all kinds of diseases.

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It is believed that nacre (mother-of-pearl) jewelry is good for the Pisces, Aquarius and have a negative impact on the Gemini.

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