Malachite gemstone: meaning, properties, uses, jewelry, photo

Malachite gemstone: meaning, properties, uses, power, jewelry, photo


Malachite has its green color thanks to attachement of copper compounds. His name may be hinting at the ease of processing.
In Greek malakos is meaning “soft.” Shades of malachite color vary from turquoise-colour, emerald-green and bluish-green to black and green.

In nature malachite most often occurs as nodular masses, which have a concentric structure. That is why slices of malachite have visible characteristic concentric patterns. Thanks to this feature in the old days was called malachite “peacock stone”.
what is Malachite
After the opening of the Urals in 1635 the famous malachite mines, the mineral was rightly considered «Russian stone». To date, the Ural malachite deposits are almost exhausted. The deposits of malachite exist in Kazakhstan, Germany, Romania, China and Australia. Mined malachite near Lyon in France. Many of malachite on the world market comes from Africa (Zaire, Namibia).

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Already in ancient Egypt from malachite stones cut amulets, and various jewelry. In the XVIII century. from the Russian Urals malachite made small decorative items, and since the beginning of XIX century began to make the big jewelry boxes and vases. Malachite and George halls of the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg are faced with malachite small plates in the technique of the “Russian Mosaic”.

After depletion of the major deposits of malachite, it is mostly used as inserts in a small jewelry. Especially good looks malachite mounted in white metal, for example, in silver.

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With malachite linked to many legends, some of whom argue that he is a malachite talisman can make a man invisible, and drinking from the malachite cup understands the language of animals. In India it is believed that malachite, superimposed on the chakra of the third eye, helps to purify the consciousness of the resentments and anxieties.
In Russia Malachite was considered a symbol of fulfillment.

Many nations believed malachite gemstone was the “stone of health”, a talisman and amulet from various misfortunes. Stones of light shades are good for treatment of heart. The texts of the Indian “Ayurveda” advise impose malachite jewelry on heart chakra and “locked” areas of the body to “dissolve the energy congestion and open channels for passage of flows of bioenergy. The most useful are assumed to be malachite bright hues.

Put on the solar plexus malachite relieves emotional tension, creates a balance of energy between chakras. Featuring “Yin” essence, Malachite absorbs negative energy, creating in the human body’s physical and emotional harmony.

In modern lithotherapy malachite healing properties are used for diseases of the heart, pancreas and spleen. He has a positive effect on the pituitary and pineal. According to some American healers, malachite is a good anti-radiation means. Malachite jewelry promote tissue regeneration and a beneficial effect on the nervous system.
Malachite jewelry


Malachte jewelry recommended to wear those born under the sign of Taurus. In addition to Libra , malachite good also for Leo.

To Scorpio, Virgo and Cancer astrologers advised not to get many malachite jewellery.
Malachite stone Planet is Venus.

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