Labradorite gemstone: meaning, properties, photo

Labradorite gemstone: meaning, properties, uses, power, jewelry, photo


In the XVIII century at Labrador Peninsula in North America was discovered an unusual kind of opaque dark-blue feldspar. Its polished surface shimmered blue, blue, green or golden “lights”.

Such an optical effect associated with the same type oriented crystals, one square centimeter of them may be located several thousand. Mineral named labradorite .

The most valuable labradorite gems , sheen all the colors of the spectrum, are found in Finland. These stones are called spektrolite. Dark shiny black labradorites sometimes referred to as moon stones. Less bright labradorites mined in Germany, Greenland, on the territory of India, Tibet and the Ukraine.
Labradorite jewelry
In Australia, there are clear labradorite stones, which can be subjected to cutting. Sometimes be found in labradorites with large patches, reflective dark blue. Such stones are called « bulls eyes».

The mountain rock consisting mainly of labradorite, is often used as a decorative facing material.

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Labradorite properties


Connoisseurs of the mystical properties of stones believed that labradorite amulets reinforce the owner prone to visions and revelations. So wear labradorite jewelry recommend only to mature people, capable not make unpredictable, eccentric behavior.

It is believed that the new moon the labradorite stone grows cold and shines brightly, acquiring magical power. In Britain, the astrologers consider labradorite gem as a talisman of purity and modesty. It is believed that the labrador amulet protects the house against intruders and develops an excerpt from the owner.

Some lithotherapists believe that labradorite jewelry have a receptive energy of Yin and can be useful in the treatment of infertility, diseases of the joints and prostate.

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