Jasper gemstone: meaning, properties, power, jewelry, photo

Jasper gemstone: meaning, properties, uses, power, jewelry, photo


Jasper stone is among the most popular gems known more primitive man. In the old days under jasper implied transparent chalcedony , usually green. Now the concept of “Jasper” consists of a class of minerals, which are based on siliceous rocks with various inclusions, including chalcedony, as well as oxides of iron and aluminum.

The amount of these contaminants can reach 20%, which causes a considerable variety of different jasper colors. No accident that the name of the stone goes back to the ancient Greek word “iaspis” meaning “spotted”.

In the characteristic bands and divorces jasper in East Europe was called the” tiger rock “and said that this stone” mixed blood”.

Distinguish agate jasper , although unlike agate in jasper no concentric circles, the shape of bands is less clear. Black jasper from North Carolina (USA) called the “basanite”. jasper dark color with reddish inclusions known as “bloody.” Another of its name is “meat agate”.

Jasper with a characteristic pattern called “landscape jasper”. Jasper doped with Prussian Blue is known as the German “porcelian jasper”. She often serves as an imitation of lapis lazuli.

Jasper color can be red, blue, green, purple, white and even black. There are jasper monochrome, but more often it is colored stones with colorful stripes or spots. Skilled carvers often used this property in the manufacture of multi-colored gems.
Jasper jewelry
Jasper gemstones are distinguished not only by color (red, gray, violet) and the nature of color (mottled, banded, striped, zoned), but the place of production. In order to express the individuality of a specific color sample jasper, sometimes resorting to metaphor.Thus, in the literature mention of wax, brick and porcelain jasper. In other words, there are few minerals, which would have been so variously colored, like jasper.

It is interesting to note, moreover, that sometimes jasper called rocks, to this jasper stone relationships do not have.

Jasper deposits exist in many countries. There are in the USA, France, Germany, India, Japan, Central Asia and Russia.

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Even the ancient Egyptians and Sumerians carved jasper amulets and printing. Jasper is repeatedly mentioned in the Bible. In the XVIII century with the discovery of rich deposits of jasper in the Urals, Altai and Transbaikalia historians have attributed the flowering of all stone-cutting industry in Russia. Peterhof Lapidary Works and Yekaterinburg were doing in that time hundreds of jasper variety of items. These included vases, candelabra, table tops, desk sets, fireplaces, various stands and even columns for temples. In St. Petersburg, stored unique jasper vase, whose diameter is 5 meters, and the mass of 11000 kg!

Historians say that this product was delivered in the hall for the exhibition before the construction of doors, in which the vase is not included simply be. Many products made of jasper, made in Europe in XVIII-XIX centuries. Can be seen in many museums and castles of Europe.

Western jewellers worked with jasper with pleasure. For example, the famous work of Benvenuto Cellini is a box of green jasper with red veins. In the Middle Ages jasper often cutting various church items.

Nowadays often jasper inserts is used for the manufacture of ringsand pendants, jasper necklaces and bracelets.

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Jasper is one of the few stones, with special mysterious properties are wellknown. It is valued jasper in Korea and China, where it was considered a symbol of the mysteries of life.Jasper cut all kinds of jewelry, goblets, symbols of power. Jasper Inserts in helmets, belts, handles of swords were considered reliable shield.

It believed that jasper jewelry help to build relationships with superiors and colleagues, as talismans protect from the evil rock and help the development of eloquence. They also reinforce a sense of duty and honor. Not by chance the first Christians devoted jasper apostle Peter, having emblem fortitude. In ancient Egypt, jasper doing print and amulets. Mystics believe that the talisman of the cold-colored jasper gives strength to predict, detect hidden from the eye, and jasper dark shades perfectly protect from “evil eye”. The greenish jasper helps to focus and discover the invisible to the eyes.

In Europe jasper symbolizes courage and at the same time shy. It was believed that this stone is able to give the owner of fortitude to make it wiser. Jasper amulets helped our ancestors in victories both on the battlefield, and in verbal battles.

In the old jasper revered surest means of epilepsy and fever. It was believed that jasper has a receptive energy Yin. It can improve eyesight, cure epilepsy and remove toothache.

Chinese healers considered jasper one of the most important pharmacological agents to cleanse the internal organs. Red Jasper for their ideas was able to stop the bleeding and to cure women’s diseases. Green jasper was useful for concentration of attention, in which a person opens up an invisible eye.
Jasper properties
By Taoist ideas jasper was considered a “living stone”, because the strengthened physical body and prolongs life. In one of the temples of Thailand is a statue of Buddha, carved from jasper green monolith weighing more than 5 tons. This unique sculpture has a strong healing energy. In the old days was considered a means of jasper from epilepsy and fever.

It attributed to jasper the ability to protect against poisoning. History has information that the Byzantine emperor Manuel presented a gift to the monks of Mount Athos jasper cup, which not only healed from various ailments, but also antagonized all sorts of poisons. In ancient Rome, patients are often worn around the neck amulet of jasper, which were carved their names.

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Jasper jewelry recommended to wear those born under the sign of Virgo .
Jasper Planets are Jupiter and Mercury.

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