Jade gemstone: meaning, properties, uses, power, jewelry

Jade gemstone: meaning, properties, uses, power, jewelry, photo


Jade is a translucent mineral, white and green color. A special strength of jade gives the finest crystal fibers, matted and twisted like wool felt. Externally similar to jade jadeite.

From a mineralogical point of view of both minerals are compounds of silica, only as impurities in the case of jade are the compounds of magnesium, iron, nickel, chromium and vanadium, in the case of jadeite – compounds of sodium.

These two stones were separated after the opening of the New World. The Spaniards faced with jade gemstone in the conquest of the Aztecs in 1519 While the Incas and Aztecs prized this gem more precious than gold, the Spaniards at first did not pay him attention. Later, after learning about the healing properties of jade, conquistadors called it “hietta di hijada” – «the waist stone”.

In Europe, followed him was fixed Latin name “lapis nephriticus” meaning “a kidney stone”. And yet, mineralogist took several centuries to finally separate from the greenstone resembles him jadeite.

Jade color varies within the green-white. The ancient Chinese wrote about the color of jade: “The five colors in it – as white as sheep fat or cream, yellow, like chestnuts, cooked in boiling water, black as shoe polish or lacquer red as a rooster comb, or lip balms, buta variety is green”. Hitting record jade produces a melodic sound – property, rare among minerals. Thanks to this feature in China, jade is used for making musical instruments, operating on the principle xylophone.
Jade properties
Jade is the national stone of China. In this country, he was known in II BC. The Chinese are deified jade, called it “eternal”, “divine”, “Stone of Heaven and Earth”, “a stone of tranquility”. In the XII century it was written treatise about jade properties, consisting of 100 volumes and 700 color illustrations.

The Chinese have used pieces of jade as weights and money, and attributed this mineral five virtues of the spiritual qualities of man. The soft luster of jade consistent kindness, strength is moderation and justice; sound at impact is a symbol of science; inflexibility is a courage, forgery structure is the emblem of purity. Confucius believed jade symbol of intelligence, humanity, loyalty and truthfulness. The ancient Turks and Mongols jade was considered the stone of victory, they were decorated with swords and belt.

A long time the main center of jade mining was Burma, where every year in China, exported over 250 tons of the precious stone. In 1774, Europeans have found that jade stone under the name of “Poonam” long known inhabitants of New Zealand, which cut from the various figures. In addition to Burma and China, the jade deposits exist in Central Asia, in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, India, in the eastern Pamirs and the islands of Polynesia. In Russia, individual clusters of jade green-gray color were found in the 1910-1915 years the southern Urals. Jade from the Canadian province of British Columbia known as the “Canadian jade.”

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Even primitive people made of solid jade knives and arrowheads. Not by chance one of the oldest names jade is “stone axes”. Jade gem was prized in ancient China more expensive than gold and ivory out of him made plaques, coins, and “passports” for the envoys of the emperor. The strength of jade twice higher than that of steel, so from this stone grind out of the ring.

In addition jadeite there are several stones, which can be mistaken for jade. In particular, green marble, amazonite, vesuvianite, serpentine.

Even in ancient times as a sign of true jade Chinese mineralogist saw it opacity. In an ancient book in the XVI. said: “Look at the fire, if you see the light through the stone, as if the rising sun, this jade stone”.

Worth caution, buying a jade ring with a cabochon, because its color in a closed frame can be strengthened, for example, by artificially caused by sunspots (this practice, though not typical), surface is covered with wax or gum, as well as created a kind of doublet with darker material on the underside.

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In Europe jade jewelry personified honesty, integrity, courage, loyalty and wisdom. He was a talisman, a symbol of perfection and purity. In the Middle Ages jade has been a favorite stone of the alchemists.

Jade talisman advised to be people who are trying to change their lives, to join her new period. This is the stone of change, helping to leave the everyday deadlocks.
Jade jewelry
Jade promotes family well-being and longevity. Chinese emperors were put under his head jade pillow, it keeps cool in hot weather, preserves the vitality and youth.

Lithotherapists argue that jade gemstone has projective energy Yang. It has long been China crushed jade was added to the “elixir of immortality” – a drink to keep youth and health. Due to the large heat capacity, a piece of jade, attached to the stomach, acts as your pain warmer.

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Do not wear jade jewelry Taurus and Sagittarius.

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