Hyalite gemstone: meaning, properties, jewelry, photo

Hyalite gemstone: meaning, properties, uses, power, jewelry, photo


Hyalite is called transparent opal stones, resembling frozen water or a large drop of glass (Greek “hyalos” meaning “glass”). It will be recalled that opals are hydrogels of silica containing from 6 to 10% water.

Appearance of hyalite indicate the “watery” of these minerals. Not accidentally hyalite gem called “water opal” or “glass stone”.

In German hyalite stone is known as gummistein (Latin “humoris” meaning “wet”). The British quite figuratively call these stones “jelly opal”.
Hyalite jewelry
Opals are painted quite differently, there is a lot of color varieties. There are brightly colored and milky opal, red and yellow opal, referred to as fire. Hyalite gems usually have a bluish or yellowish tint. The degree of transparency may vary.

hyalite stone yellow hyalite hyalite gem hyalite gemstone


Like the rest opal group stones, hyalite healing properties have a beneficial effect on the nervous system. These stones are able to protect its owner from the violent emotions and from uncontrolled passions.

hyalite birthstone hyalite ring hyalite and gold hyalite pendant hyalite jewelry


Along with other opals, hyalite are stones of the Moon and hyalite jewelry belonges sign Pisces in zodiacal circle.
Hyalite is march birthstone.

hialite stone blue hyalite red hyalite hyalite healing hyalite meaning

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