Demantoid gemstone: meaning, power, jewelry, photo

Demantoid gemstone: meaning, properties, uses, power, jewelry, photo


The word “ demantoid ” can be translated as “a diamond” (German demant meaning “diamond”, Greek. “eidos meaning “similar”).

Demantoid – a rare variety of transparent bright green garnet andraite, it the most valuable of the garnets. Their color is caused by impurities of iron and chromium yellow hues demantoid caused by titanium compounds.

The colour ranges from dark green (hence sometimes miscalled “Uralian emerald”) to yellowish-green (hence sometimes miscalled “olivine”). The stones have inclusions of fine asbestos fibres (byssolite) that are sometimes called ponytails.
what is Demantoid
It has many similarities with the diamond, hence its name (meaning ‘diamond-like’), but it has low hardness, so that it is not suitable for hard wear as jewelry, it is used in demantoid rings.

It believed demantoids are among the most attractive and valuable gems in a garnet stone row. The play of light on the faces of demantoid really like about the king of precious stones – diamond.

Artificial lighting only enhances this optical effect. There demantoids with the effect of “cat’s eye”, which creates fibrous inclusions. There are stones with beautiful golden “sparks”.

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Demantoid known to people since ancient times. In ancient times these stones is sometimes mistakenly called chrysolite. Bright greenness demantoid often misleading, and they took this mineral for the well-known to them stones.

Scientist Oparin, in his book “Genius of Stone” described the efforts of the jeweler of the past centuries, are engaged in examining gems: “the establishment of an emerald whether this rock, making it very diligently, and not without reason, inasmuch as with emeralds aquamarines have a similar appearance and green diamonds, demantoid … ”

The deposit demantoid on the territory of Russia first opened in 1874 on the river Bobrovka (Middle Urals). Hence there were several alternative names demantoid. He was called “Uralian emerald“ or “Ural chrysolite gemstone”.

A. Fursman & his famous book “Tales of the gems” mentions that in the West demantoid often figured as a “Russian” or “Siberian chrysolite”. Later deposits demantoid in Russia have been opened in Kamchatka.
Demantoid jewelry
“Green Diamond” – garnet demantoid in Tsarist Russia was one of the most expensive gem. And nowadays the price decorations with demantoid is high enough – one carat is usually estimated at 100-600 dollars.
The size of demantoid rarely reaches 1 cm, large stones are rare. Until now considered unique two stones weighing 29.8 and 50.5 g, found in the XIX century.

Gem demantoid also comes from Valmalenco, Italy. Gemstones like demantoid (topazolite) mined in Saxony, Germany, and California, USA

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