Chrysoprase gemstone meaning, birthstone, Chrysoprase properties

Chrysoprase gemstone meaning, birthstone, Chrysoprase properties


The history claim that Alexander of Macedon wore green quartz – prase – on his belt. Perhaps under this name had in mind chrysoprase , because it is the stone in ancient times was considered a symbol of success.

Do not accidentally chrysoprase was a favorite stone of Frederick the Great, who always carried it in the chrysoprase ring.

Chrysoprase stone is the most valuable variety of chalcedony. It is translucent, apple-green gemstone. The name of the mineral is derived from the Greek words “chrysos” meaning “gold” and “prasos” meaning “leek.”

Indeed, chrysoprase is usually green or bluish-green color, which is determined by nickel compounds. In Ancient Greece and Rome from chrysoprase cut beautiful cameos.
Chrysoprase gemstone
Keep in mind that the bright light chrysoprase colour can fade. To restore the original color of the stone, it is recommended that at the time to wrap a wet cloth.

Fine chrysoprase once came from mines in Poland, but since 1965 the best quality material has come from Queensland, Australia. The chrysoprase deposits exist in the USA (California), Brasil, Kazakhstan.

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Chrysoprase is an amulet against the dangers of the evil eye and deterioration of the envious and slanderers. Chrysoprase gemstone is a talisman of inventors and innovators.

It is favorable for any new ventures and attract friends. Rstless spirit people seeking to upgrade, it will bring good luck. They believe that chrysoprase helps develop eloquence and attract money.

Chrysoprase jewelry worn as amulets can protect against negative energies. In medieval Europe, was considered a chrysoprase stone, bringing money and keep off nightmares. It is also considered a symbol of friendship and good luck. They believed that changing colour chrysoprase warned its owner of approaching danger.

It has long been believed that the bright green color of the stone improves mood and enhances vision. A man looking at green chrysoprase , the mood is changing for the better. It is believed that chrysoprase strengthens the eyes, cleanses the blood and reduces pain in rheumatic disease.
Chrysoprase jewelry
Chrysoprase ring is able to increase the endurance of the human body. Chrysoprase has healing effects on the brain and stimulates the metabolism.

He is able to revitalize the endocrine glands. Chrysoprase lowers blood pressure and helps fight stress. Medicinal effect is caused not only the stone, but the water is genuine chrysoprase within 4-5 hours.

Indian magicians attributed chrysoprase to the element of air, and yoga was considered the stone a powerful stimulant of the heart chakra Anahata. From their point of view chrysoprase has a receptive yin energy and is able to rejuvenate the tired heart. The beneficial effects of chrysoprase in this most important organ of the human body increases in conjunction with other “stone heart” – pink quartz.


Zodiacal sign of chrysoprase is Aquarius. Chrysoprase is a january and february birthstone.

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  1. Jewelry-lover | May 30, 2018 at 12:41 pm | Reply

    (1) A variety of CHALCEDONY that is apple-green, owing to the presence of nickel. It is used for beads and cut EN CABOCHON;
    in the Vii toiian era the cabochons were cut in the TALLOW TOP style with facets around the rim.
    An imitation in GLASS can be detected by the presence of internal bubbles. If heated, it loses water and becomes pale. The name is derived from Greek chrysos (gold) and prasios (leek-green).
    (2) A misnomer for AGATE stained green.

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