Chrysoberyl gemstone: properties, uses, power, jewelry, photo

Chrysoberyl gemstone: meaning, properties, uses, power, jewelry, photo


Gems, which we call chrysoberyl (from the Greek “chrysos” meaning “golden”), known to people since ancient times, although the modern term “chrysoberyl” was introduced in gemology books only in 1781.
In chemical composition these gemstones are beryllium-aluminum oxides.

In addition to golden-yellow, there are brown, red and purple color chrysoberyls. Their shades are due to impurities of iron compounds and chromium yellow or colorless chrysoberyl is easily confused with sapphire corresponding color. Large chrysoberyls of good quality and rich color are found rarely.

A beryllium aluminium oxide, chrysoberyl is hard and durable, inferior in hardness only to corundum and diamond. It generally occurs in granites or granitic pegmatites, although alexandrites are usually found in mica schists. Because of chrysoberyl’s durability, crystals that weather out of the parent rock are often found in streams and gravel beds. Chrysoberyl crystals are commonly twinned.
Chrysoberyl jewelry
Derived chrysoberyl are also brilliant and attractive pale yellow stones in the past known as chrysolites. Thanks to the clear fire, the stones, many of which are almost colorless, attracted the attention of jewelers who have used them to simulate diamonds. Refractometer immediately identify them (the index of refraction, 1,74-1,75).

A variety of chrysoberyl is an alexandrite. He has emerald-green in daylight and purple red under electric. This dramatic change in color of the stone due with features of human vision, the most sensitive to green light. It is one of the rarest and most expensive gems.

Chrysoberyl deposits are known in Brazil, the islands of Madagascar and Ceylon, in the Siberia (Russia).

The most valuable and rare chrysoberyl stones with cat’s eye effect are mined in Madagascar and the territory of Sri Lanka.

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Chrysoberyl has been known for thousands of years in Asia, where it was said to protect against the “evil eye”. Pale yellow Brazilian stones were used by the Spanish and Portuguese in the 17th and 18th centuries to make superb jewellery.

In India chrysoberyl gem called vayduriam; Hindus believe that this gem helps mages understand the language of the birds and beasts. Ordinary people chrysoberyl jewelry bring insight, emotional balance and healing.

It is believed that chrysoberyl as a talisman protects them from misfortune. For women it gives success in hosekeeping, and helps men to achieve success in a society of women.
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Chrysoberyl jewellery help to regulate blood circulation, purify the blood and strengthen blood vessels. In the Tibetan and Indian medicine chrysoberyl stones were considered as gems with a projective energy Yang and able to influence the Anahata chakra. They are used to healing many diseases.

The famous Russian “Izbornik Svyatoslav” said that this stone saved from scabies, leprosy, and protects the wearer from drunkenness.

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