Charoite gemstone: meaning, properties, uses, power, jewelry, photo

Charoite gemstone: meaning, properties, uses, power, jewelry, photo


Charoite is a unique stone, because it is found only on the territory of Russia, its deposits in another countries have not yet been found. The name charoite was the place of deposit finds jewelry-ornamental stones in the middle of XX century near river Chara (in Siberia, Russia).

Along with the silicon in the composition of charoite include oxides of aluminum, barium, sodium and strontium. The colour of stone is determined mainly by the manganese. It varies from brown and pale lilac to deep purple with smooth transitions from light shades to almost black colored purple.

When polishing charoite stone are well revealed his fine-fibrous structure, which gives a beautiful iridescent pattern, consisting of a thin streak of different shades. Sometimes the long stems of charoite like scatter from one center, forming a beautiful structure.
what is Charoite
There are stones with the effect of “cat’s eye gem“. For the unique features and a rich range of colors charoite called “purple miracle of Siberia” and sometimes think such opaque double of amethyst .

Not surprisingly, because of its unique and beautiful color charoite has quickly become not only one of the most popular jewelry-precious stones from Russia, but also succeeded in gaining international glory. From charoite made jewelry for the elite business and the arts. Charoite is a rare stone on the international market of precious stones, so is highly appreciated.

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From charoite make vases, jewelry boxes, table decorations, decorative panels, rings and bracelets and pendants. It is interesting that at international film festivals in 1979-1980, prizes for the winners of major competitions were carried out precisely because of charoite.

The value set by the Government of Yakutia (region in Russia), limits the production charoite 100 tons per year. Since this demand far exceeds supply, prices of charoite jewelry may be high compared with similar jewellery with other precious stones.

One kilogram of uncutting charoite depending on the color estimated to be 30-150 dollars. Price is for a charoite ring or earrings can reach up to 25-30 dollars.
Charoite beads cost on average $5 per gramm. Table clock from charoite cost at least $1000. The vase is from charoite height of 30 cm, depending on the type and color of the stone on the international auction can cost from 12 to 16 thousands of dollars.

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Charoite is a stone of charm, purity and talisman of prudence. Modulations of their fascinating colors it creates peace in man soul, and promotes harmony of human relationships. Charoite gemstone is tranquil state and improves mood.

Jewelry from charoite gives its owner a calm, restraint and able to strengthen marriage. They wake up the clarity of thinking, encourage prudence and discretion, as well as help develop a philosophical outlook on life.

Polished charoits recommended straightening in silver or gold. Charoite rings are advised to wear on the fourth finger of his right hand. Charoite is not too strong, so it should be protected from attacks. Products with charoits can be washed in warm water.

Litoterapists argue that charoite has projective energy Yang. It can have a catalytic effect on the Anahata chakra, Vishudha and Sahasrara.
Charoite jewelry
the St. Petersburg Institute of care and healing are advised to apply charoite for healing various inflammatory processes. Charoite necklace or pendant are helping to cope with a headache. They will help to strengthen immunity and will remove mental stress.
To enhance the body’s defenses polished charoite placed on the corresponding area of the body. In medicinal purposes can also be used charoite beads or pendants.

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Charoite is associated with Venus and Libra. Especially useful to wear charoite jewelry people with birthday under the sign of Gemini.

Planet of charoite is Neptune.

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