Cat’s eye gemstone: meaning, properties, jewelry, photo

Cat’s eye gemstone: meaning, properties, uses, power, jewelry, photo


The name “ Cat’s Eye ” commonly referred to variants of minerals with golden-green or gray-green tints, which resemble the iris of a cat’s eye. It is a type of gemstone that exhibit a property called chatoyancy.

In these stones, polished in the form cabochon, visible streak of light, which is located parallel to the long axis. It is remarkably similar to an elongated black cat’s-eye.

Such a purely optical effect arises due to the numerous microscopic inclusions composed of fine-fibered mineral. The role of these inclusions may play, for example, particles or actinolite asbestos. If they are parallel to each other, there is an effect of mirrors reflecting the light in a certain direction.

It is best observed when light from a single source, such as the Sun, is directed at the stone; under multiple light sources, the single of interesting bands of light appear ill-defined or may disappear altogether.

Most vividly this feature can be expressed in beryl, ruby, sapphire, tourmaline and chrysoberyl. These stone’s effect cats eye rare and valued very high. ”Cat’s eye stone” effect may have cheaper minerals, such quartz (which produces six- or twelwe-rayed stars.
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In every case, the gemstone must be cut in such a way that the optical effect made visible, and the interesting sets of light-reflecting tiny, hollow tubes or fibrous crystals appear in bright bands. The most valuable cat’s eye and “star”-effect stones have well-centred stars with straight arms of equal intensity, as well as excellent background colour.

The most desirable form of cat’s eye is honey-yellow or greenish-yellow.

Deposits of such stones exist in Africa, South India, the USA and Mexico. Usually found in quartz cat’s eye effect gems with grayish-green tints. Less often seen apatite, diopside, obsidian, opal or jade “cat’s eye”. Californian “cat’s eye” is called a beautiful fibrous serpentine with clearly distinct stripes.

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Cat’s eye gemstones” usually used on making cabochons, cuff links, beads, fewer of them carve cameos and intaglio. Getting the stones with the effect of cat eye , it must be remembered that the simulation of such minerals is easily obtained from the fibrous borosilicate glass.

Cut cat’s eye stones rarely exceed 100 carats, and the finest are in the same price range as fine sapphires.

Chrysoberyl’ cat’s eye can be magnificent, and its best examples, where the “eye” is well expressed, with rich honey color, are rare and highly prized.

More often, however, occurs quartz cat’s eye, and since it costs much cheaper, must be able to distinguish between them.

Typically, quartz cat’s eye is much less transparent, and the color is close to the greenish or pale brown. Moreover, since the “eye” in quartz formed from the relatively large asbestos fibers, it looks not so pronounced as in chrysoberyl.

It is quite difficult to distinguish low-grade chrysoberyl cat’s eye from a high quality quartz, especially if the stone is in a frame and it is impossible to use a gravity test. Amateur of this gemstone unable to cope with test refractometer, as modern ways of reading the refractive index (in chrysoberyl it is 1,74-1,75, quartz is 1,54-1,55) for stones with faceted cabochon extremely complex.
This is the case when the buyer is best to seek advice (if it is the high cost of stone) to avoid becoming a victim of fraud.

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Most of the stones with the effect of “cat’s eye” is traditionally regarded as a shield. Cat’s eye jewelry worn with them to protect themselves from enemy forces and evil eye. In particular, it was believed that the “cat’s eye” helps keep the love and protects them from unfaithfulness.

Mystics believe that the stone with the effect of “cat’s eye” able to gently draw the attention of others to its owner. Cat’s eyes jewellery can facilitate the relations between people, improving their understanding.

It is believed that the stones with the effect of “cat’s eye” have a projective energy Yang. They healing asthma, anemia and rheumatism, can reduce pain in the joints.

Therapists say that cat’s eye beads promote throat deseases: laryngitis, tracheitis and bronchitis. Experts recommend wearing jewelry with “cat’s eyes” after the fracture for the early formation of callus.

Hindus once believed that a cat’s eye guarded its owner’s health and provided assurance against poverty.

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Jewelry with stones with the effect of “cat’s eye” are particularly encouraged to wear those born under the sign of Virgo or Gemini.

Cats eye gems are birthstones of different monthes.

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