Carnelian gemstone: meaning, properties, uses, jewelry, photo

Carnelian gemstone: meaning, properties, uses, power, jewelry, photo


Carnelian stone is a type of chalcedony (cryptocrystalline silica).

Name of the orange-red carnelian dates back to the Latin “cornis” meaning “fleshy” and points to the warm, solid color of the stone, which gives it a compound of iron. Orange-yellow and yellow cornelians called lynx stone.

The other name of the stone “Sard” comes from the Greek word “sardolith”, it meaning “stone of Sardis” – the capital of ancient Lydia. The brown-red, brown cornelian are often called sard. It is similar but darker than cornelian.
This stone is sometimes mottled by flecks of the matrix. It is hard and tought, and so is often carved in intalgo form as a seal, or used as beads.

Figuratively cornelians called “stone of the sun.” These stones have been known as a “blood agate”. In ancient Egypt, carnelian, compared with “carved in stone sunset”.

Best cornelians reddish-orange color found in the Mongolian Gobi desert. In Russia cornelians mined in Yakutia.

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Carnelian gem were already known to people since the Paleolithic (800-60 thousand years BC). It has long years cornelians used not only for making necklaces, amulets and pendants. In ancient times, cornelian carved figurines, cups, printing and beautiful gems.

Today cornelian jewelry is relatively cheap, although the ancient stone took of this place of honor next to the emerald and diamond.

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Ancient Egyptians believed carnelian gemstone goddess Isis (the mother of all gods). They believed that carnelian amulet can protect from evil spells and dangers as in this world and beyond.

No coincidence that many items decorated with carnelian, was found in the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun (XIV century BC). The Arabs and Persians in the XVII-XVIII centuries were cornelians in the form of amulets carved on them, with prayers from the Quran and believed that such carnelian talismans and amulets to protect them from the envy and the “evil eye”.

Cornelian ring, which was engraved the name of its owner, was considered a personal talisman.
Carnelian necklace
Carnelian gems has long served as symbols of true love. Not by chance in ancient Greece have produced wedding cameos. According to ancient ideas, carnelian protect from human malevolence, snares of enemies and evil spells. As a talisman cornelian jewelry can be worn to mitigate the anger and lifting mood. Carnelian jewellery can help prevent a quarrel, and keep waste from power wasted.

Carnelian jewelry contribute to wealth, give the owner of force, including creative. Not by chance a large gold ring with carved pieces of carnelian was beloved talisman of the Russian poet Alexander Pushkin.

How to tell the poet’s biography, this jewelry was given to him Countess Vorontsova in 1824. The poet wrote about this carnelian ring: “My dear friend! From crime / From the heart of new injuries / From oblivion / My talisman!”. Pushkin sincerely believed in the miraculous power of this talisman, and never parted with him until his tragic death in 1837.

In therapeutic purposes cornelians used more healers of ancient Egypt, who regarded this stone one of the most magical and healthful. Powdered cornelians they added to the powders and medicine, which has a calming effect and helps to restore power.

In therapeutic purposes using carnelian and the ancient peoples of Central Asia: the Chinese, the Huns, Mongols. Especially venerated the stone in India.

In “Ayurveda” wrote that the orange carnelian able to restore the nervous tissue, it healing diseases of the pulmonary, stimulates the endocrine system, improves circulation and skin color. In ancient times it was believed that cornelian lewelry conducive to easy resolution of the pregnant.

Modern litoterapists believe that cornelian gems have a projective energy Yang. They improve brain circulation, strengthen the immune system, healing headaches, help with skin diseases. Yellow cornelians useful in bad functioning of the bowels.

There is even a separate line in the treatment with these stones. Perhaps the healing property of cornelian, which can not be denied, due to the weak radioactivity of some samples of these stones. In biology and medicine is well-known stimulating effect of small doses of radiation.

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Carnelian is an amulet for people born under the sign of Virgo . It may also be a birthstone of Gemini, Capricorn, Leo and Aries.

Not recommended as carnelian jewelry for Cancer.

Carnelian planet is the Sun.

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  1. Cornelian.
    A variety of CHALCEDONY that is usually flesh-red, but also ranges from yellowish-red to reddish-brown. The colour is intensified by heating. The stone is sometimes mottled by flecks of the MATRIX.
    It is hard and tough, and so is often carved in INTAGLIO form as a SEAL, or used as beads.
    The name was probably derived from the Latin cornum (the red cornelian cherry); the alternative name ‘carnelian’, sometimes used since the 15th century but less frequently today, is possibly derived from the Latin carneus (fleshy), on account of the flesh-red colour.

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