Aquamarine gemstone: meaning, properties, uses, jewelry, photo

Aquamarine gemstone: meaning, properties, uses, power, jewelry, photo


The term “aquamarine” first coined at the beginning of XVII. Boetius de Boot. Aquamarine stones are a variety of transparent beryl, with the color of sea water (Latin “aqua” meaning “water” and “marinus” is “sea”).

Not by chance aquamarines are called “noble beryls”. The aquamarine color range from green to dark blue, depending on the mineral content of iron ions. Color of aquamarine can be brighter in the evening or artificial light. Aquamarine gems, mined in the russian Urals and Trans-Baikal, have characteristic blue tones.

In 1917 in Brazil at mines of Mexico were found aquamarines unusual deep sapphire blue. They were called maxix-aquamarine. Sometimes there are white aquamarine inclusion – the so-called “Chrysanthemum” or “snow”. There are stones with a yellow center and blue edge.

Under the influence of sunlight the color of the stone may eventually fade. It is known that persistent blue color in beryl may occur as a result of heating to a temperature of 400-500 ° C, with associated difficulties in the diagnosis aquamarine natural origin.
Is also not straight forward to distinguish natural aquamarine from blue topaz and synthetic quartz.

One of the largest aquamarine was discovered in Brazil. Its mass is equal to 110 kg, and the length reached 48,5 cm Part of this aquamarine crystal is in a museum in New York. The remainder was sawn; from it have turned faceted stones of excellent quality.
In 1796 aquamarine gemstone weighing 82 kg was found in eastern Transbaikalia. There were founded aquamarines longer than 60 cm

The most famous aquamarine in Europe is a gem of banker Hope weighing 184g and stone in the tiara of Pope Julius II. One of the largest faceted aquamarine (920 carats) adorns the crown of the Queen of England. British crown Aquamarine differs completely transparent and beautiful color. It is faceted as an egg, which is 55mm long, 40mm wide and 30mm in thickness.

Among the aquamarine jewelry, which owns the Moscow Armoury Chamber, worthy of mention scepter Stanislav, the last king of Poland. It is made of solid stone length about 30cm.The ends and the middle scepter framed in gold.

In 1867 for the World Exhibition in Paris, the French jeweler Frohman Marys made a bust of Emperor Napoleon III of solid aquamarine. According to legend, crystal from which was placed a bust, found on the border of China.
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In 1891, the “Easter egg”, presented by Carl Faberge to Alexander III, provided a model of the cruiser Azov, where the crown prince Nicholas in 1890-1891 sailed along the eastern borders of the Russian Empire. Model of cruiser with a scuttles from diamonds was attached to a plate of aquamarine, which simulates sea water.

The most prized stones are aquamarine gems with a maximum saturated color. It is interesting to note that the color of aquamarine may somewhat vary depending on the angle of view that is usually taken into account when cutting.

Aquamarine ring prices and prices other jewelry with aquamarines of clean water may vary depending on the size of the stone from tens to several hundreds of dollars.

There are many sources, but Brazil has produced the finest and some very large specimens, e.g. one found in 1919 weighing 110.2 kg.

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Aquamarine refers to emerald, as ruby to sapphire. Both of them are forms of the mineral beryl. The name “aquamarine” meaning exactly to the ideal blue color of sea water, which demonstrates its best examples. Stones, which is noticeable green tint, are valued much lower.

Unlike emerald, aquamarine is prone to defects a little, but its value remains rather modest. The only notable in its inclusion of so-called “rain” is a small needle-like crystals or cavity, runs parallel to the main axis. The more expressive and intense blue color of stone, the more expensive it is.

The most inexpensive and widespread imitation of aquamarine is a synthetic blue spinel. In addition, under the artificial blue color filter spinel often used in jewelry is as red as the painted cobalt. With artificial light trained eye can see this dichroism.

Blue topaz often are large in size, rather strongly resembles aquamarine, but is much cheaper, so you need verification refractometer, because the refractive index of blue topaz much higher (aquamarine is 1,57-1,58, blue topaz is 1,61-1,62).

Blue topaz is showing a lot of shine and a game than aquamarine gem (here you can ask, why then it costs less!).

Blue zircon has even more fire and brilliance than the blue topaz and has a characteristic strong double refraction, which is easy to see at the lower edges if you look at the stone on top of a magnifying glass. The blue crystals can be easily recognized ways listed above

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Aquamarine is an amulet of sailors and naval mascot. Not by chance the ancient Romans and Greeks are often portrayed in the aquamarine seas of the gods of Neptune and Triton. Besides aquamarine is stone of friendship, justice and courage.According to ancient legend, aquamarine changes color depending on the mood of its owner and the weather.

The Tibetan and Mongolian medicine aquamarine is a good stabilizer biostimulant and mental equilibrium. It helps to relieve tension and find peace of mind. Aquamarine healing properties protects its owner from danger and deception, spirituality strengthens and gives discretion. This stone cools turbulent emotions of people, extinguishes anger and irritation. Aquamarines helps to relieve stress and anxiety. People are dishonest to wear aquamarine jewelry contraindicated because of their tricks when it can be easily exposed.

In the East it was believed that aquamarine jewellery color varies depending on the state of the atmosphere and mood of the owner. Pure blue stone is only in fair weather or when the soul of his master’s at peace and rest. During inclement weather cloudy aquamarine and green, before the storm. Just change its coloration, when the owner of the stone has depression or anxiety.
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Litoterapists argue that aquamarine has a receptive energy Yin. Indian yogins believe this stone is the most important stimulator throat chakra, which is associated with the thyroid gland and controls emotions.

Aquamarine jewelry strengthen the body’s defenses and help in diseases of the skin and lungs, healing allergic reactions, give favorable effect on the stomach.

Aquamarine stone powder kept on leprosy and the old wounds and they also removed the rust from the teeth (so-called cream of tartar).

It believed that aquamarine helps to cope with seasickness.

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It is believed that aquamarine is the charm for people born under the sign of Aquarius .

In the Middle Ages astrologers attributed this stone to sign Libra .

Jewelry with aquamarines is situable for the people born under the sign of Libra, Pisces and Cancer.

Do not wear such jewelry Scorpio and Gemini.

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