Apatite gemstone: meaning, properties, jewelry, photo

Apatite gemstone: meaning, properties, uses, power, jewelry, photo


The term “apatite” was put into use in 1788 by Werner. Apatite stone is calcium phosphate, it usually occurs in the form of solid granular mass.

Rarely come across burrowing into the rock some of its prismatic crystals. Opaque crystals can reach with huge size. For example, in Canada were found apatite crystal weighing over 200 kilograms and a length of about 2 meters!
Much less common are small transparent crystals, which are of value as raw material for jewellery work.

In the faceted form of a layman may confuse them with stronger beryls, diopside, or tourmalines. Perhaps, there was a name of the mineral (Greek apathao meaning “kidding”).
According to another version, the stone was called so because the diversity of its forms and colors is very large.
Apatite color
Apatite color ranging from yellow to green to blue and violet. Colorless crystals are found in Italy and Germany, with the effect of apatite “cat’s eye” on the territory of Sri Lanka and Burma. Green apatite specialists called “asparagus stone”, they are found on the Aldan. Rich deposits of apatite are in Hibinah.

Blue apatite mined in Burma, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Finland, in the Baikal region in Russia, and yellow – on the Kola Peninsula. blue-green – in Norway, green – on the territory of India, Canada, Mozambique, Burma and Madagascar.
Yellow apatites often come from Mexico and Canada, purple – from Germany and the Czech Republic.

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A mineral that occasionally produces some crystals that are used as gemstones. It is soft and brittle, and therefore seldom used in jewelry.

To the stone, suitable for jewellery processing, include transparent apatite gems, with a beautiful color, usually yellow or blue. So the crystals are traditionally attached faceting. Of the less transparent apatite usually make cabochons.

Weight of apatite jewelry is usually not more than 5 carats. Less common stones weighing 15-20 carats.
Apatite gemstone


It is believed that yellow apatite can have a healingl effect on the whole body. In particular, they affect the solar plexus (Manipura Chakra).

Along with aquamarine blue apatite can also affect the chakra Vishudha. Hence the healing effect of this mineral in the throat, vocal cords and thyroid.
Together with quartz blue apatite crystals can be used to harmonize the physical state.

It believed that blue apatite amulet is able to cool the flaming emotions and cause the owner tranquil and slightly drowsy state. Not accidentally called apatite “appeasement stone”.

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  1. Apatite.
    A mineral that occasionally produces some crystals that are used as gemstones. It is soft and brittle, and therefore seldom used in jewelry.

    The colors are varied, including light blue, mauve, yellow, green, and blue. It resembles TOURMALINE but can be readily distinguished.

    Varieties are ASPARAGUS STONE and MOROXITE. A green, CHATOYANT variety, known as ‘apatite cat’s-eye’, is found in Brazil. A number of other countries also provide sources for apatite.

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