Ammolite gemstone: meaning, properties, jewelry, photo

Ammolite gemstone: meaning, properties, uses, power, jewelry, photo


Ammolite gem was recognized as a mineral recently – only in 1981, this is not surprising, because it represents the fossilized mother-of-fossil shells of ancient cephalopods – ammonites. They appeared in the seas of our planet about 300 million years ago.

Ammonite shell was curled in a flat spiral. Inside, as in a submarine, located section-chamber filled with gas. As a result, ammonite shells was floating! The name of these ancient molluscs were on behalf of the Egyptian god Ammon, who was depicted with a ram’s head, adorned with spiral horns.

in ancient seas of the Earth floated thousands of species of ammonites. The heyday of this group of cephalopods was at the end of the Mesozoic. Some ammonite shells no larger than a pea. Sinks others their size resembled the wheel of the truck.
what is Ammolite
Ammolite (Greek lithos meaning “stone”) are considered the most rare minerals. Ammonite shells are found in many places of the Earth, including the banks of the russian river Volga.

However, as minerals ammolite gemstone are produced only in one place – in Canada (Alberta). Canadian Indians called ammolites “buffalo stone”, since some pieces of these minerals, washed in streams and rivers, reminiscent in shape of these animals.

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The quality and, consequently, the ammolite jewelry price depends on the wealth of their color. It can be yellow, orange, green, blue.

Curiously, this color is not due to pigments, but only the refraction of light in layers of fossilized mother of pearl. Such is the nature of color have a bright wings of tropical butterflies.

The most brightly colored ammolite gems called “seven color prosperity stone“. They are very appreciated by connoisseurs of Feng Shui, which consider ammolite property to healing energy “Qi”.

Price for ammolite jewelry can vary between 40-600 dollars. Ammolite is a soft mineral, so the manufacture of jewellery pieces to reinforce the frame, locking on different substrates.

The fossil, polished to reveal the interior structure, was sometimes mounted in gold, silver or jet, and worn as a brooch or pendant, especially those found in a bundance in Dorset, England, and some western regions of the United States.
Ammolite jewelry


People believe that the ammolite amulet in the house contributes to prosperity and happiness. If such a talisman placed in the office, he will bring good luck in business.

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