Ametrine gemstone: meaning, properties, jewelry, photo

Ametrine gemstone: meaning, properties, uses, power, jewelry, photo


Ametrine gemstone is unusual polychrome mineral. It combines the properties of amethyst and citrine.

It is well known that the wine-yellow citrine and violet-purple amethyst are a variety of silicon dioxide (quartz stone), which are distinguished by the presence of various trace.

A multispectral crystals are rarely occur in nature which combining the two minerals.This is the new beautiful semiprecious Ametrine gemstone.

Shades of its color, he recalled both amethyst and citrine. Ametrine crystals are colored in purple, lavender or yellowish-peach color. Another name for the stone, emphasizing its dual nature is two-tone amethyst.
Ametrine stone
Ametrine stone mined in Bolivia, a Anahi mine. This country is the world’s top supplier ametrine gems on the international market. Hence, by the way, another name ametrine – Bolivianit. For the first time of deposit of this mineral became known in XVII century,

When the Spanish conquistador Don Felipe de Urriola-and-Goi-thia married a local princess from a tribe of Indians Aureyros and received as dowry the above-mentioned shaft. Legend has it that when dying, the princess has presented her husband a great two-tone ametrine gem.

This stone is a symbol of love, divided between her people and her husband, a foreigner. Later, Bolivian Ametrine hit as gifts to the court of the Queen of Spain.

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Today ametrine crystal again the concern of the fans of rare minerals. Ametrine are facetting artfully, emphasizing the unique color of these stones.
Ametrine can be cut, so sales are often received by the stones very whimsical forms.
Choosing ametrine
Choosing ametrine, remember that the amethyst-colored stones can be simulated by irradiating and heating amethysts. The color of syntetic ametrine quite bright, and to distinguish them from natural stones can be only through a difficult gemology expertise.

The price of synthetic analogs of Ametrine is almost an order of magnitude lower than the price of Bolivian natural stones.

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