Amethyst gemstone: meaning, properties, uses, power, jewelry, photo

Amethyst gemstone: meaning, properties, uses, power, jewelry, photo


Amethyst is a type of quartz stones. Its characterized by a violet color, which can vary from dark purple to pink. Russian writer Alexander Kuprin noted that “the amethyst color resembles violets blossoming in the woods at the foot of the Libyan mountains”. In the nature amethysts usually occurs in form of crystals.

There most famous amethyst stones come from Brazil, Uruguay, Sri Lanka. There are some discovered deposits of amethyst in the United States and Madagascar. Ceylon amethysts have a soft purple hue while Brazil stones are bloody and purple. Amethyst gems from Kola Peninsula usually have blue-purple shades.

The violet color of amethyst recedes when the stone is heated up to 200 C, and the color recovers back when the stone is cooling. Emerged into the water natural amethyst discolors on the edges (oppositely to artificially made stone).
what is Amethyst
The name of this mineral associated with the ancient Greek myth of the nymph Amethyst, who was hiding from Dionis – the god of wine. Her protectress – Artemis – turned the nymph into a gem stone, which was regarded as an amulet against intoxication (Greek “ametistoz” meaning “not drunk”).

It is possible, however, that the amethyst is so called because of the purple-violet color, resembling the highly diluted red wine, which is no longer intoxicated. Perhaps that’s why amethyst gemstone was also considered as a symbol of devotion and talisman of strong will. Other name for amethyst is “Bacchus stone”.

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In ancient China people cut bowls and small boxes out of amethyst. In ancient Greece and Rome gems and signets were made from amethyst stones. Amid the classical art works of ancient times the bust of Trajan, which was made from amethyst, had once belonged to the Prussian crown, but during the Napoleonic Wars was carried away by Napoleon to France.

One of the best stone carvers was a Roman Dioscoride. One of the surviving jewelries of his work – amethyst ring – is the most famous for it has a carved portrait of Emperor Augustus.
In Hermitage collection there is a lot of world-famous objects from this gemstone: gem with the image of the Romanian Emperor Vespasian and amethyst amulet in form of the Frog (III century BC).

Later on amethyst stones became the symbol of theological ideas and images. In the Christian religion amethyst was a stone of St. Matthew. Bishop Andreas of Caesarea wrote that flaming amethyst resembles Apostle Matthew, whose speech was filled with celestial fire and a burning desire to serve the Lord.

Amethyst is among the 12 holy stones that adorned Aarons’ pectoral; it is one of the biblical stones. In nowadays, amethyst continues to serve the Church and decorates the crosses and rings of Catholic bishops and Orthodox bishops, and therefore the stone has a second name – the bishop’s stone. Amethyst decorated icons, altars, pectoral cross and Panagia.

The length of amethyst crystals are usually varies from 5 m to 10 cm. Occasionally quite large stones have been found. It’s recommended to straightening amethyst only in silver. Amethysts are used for cutting inserts for rings, earrings and beads. Chaplets made from small crystals of amethyst are used as souvenirs. In ancient China, an amethyst was used in the manufacture of caskets and bottles. Sawn amethyst geodes with the crystals inside are very beautiful.
Amethyst jewelry
Really low prices for amethysts can be explained by the variety of synthetic amethyst in the market, which are almost indistinguishable from natural stones.

Currently, Brazil is the main source of mining amethysts. Amethyst is characterized with inclusions which are fluid-filled cracks, which are known as “tiger stripes”, or “fingerprint”. A zoning color lets to distinguish the gem from crystals. It should be noted that most citrines are made from a low-quality amethyst by high-temperature processing.

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Amethyst is a stone of purity and innocence. In the Middle Ages it was the stone of love. In ancient Egypt, amethyst was a symbol of happiness and health. In Europe amulet made from amethyst was considered as a gem of the sincerity and candor. In ancient Russian manuscripts say it is clearly noted that Amethyst helps to maintain clear mind, recover from infertility, counter poisons, defeat enemies and hunt.

In India amethyst stone was one of the strongest magic stones. Crystal of amethyst, placed between the eyebrows, calms mind, helping to achieve inner peace. It is believed that the amethyst initiates the disclosure of the “third eye” – in other words helps to plunge into the subconscious area.
At this moment a general transition from the material level to the higher powers of the universe is observed. Healing purple color of amethyst extinguishes spiritual pain and anxiety, calms and clears the mind, fills the aura with positive energy and good intentions. In the Indian “Ayurveda” it is written that amethyst helps to control emotions.

Amethyst can be presented to a favorite person; it is a stone of love. According to the legend, St. Valentine wore an amethyst ring, which had a gravure of little Amur. It was acceptable that Christian saint carried the image of a pagan god of love; Christians often wore ancient cameos, giving the pagan symbol a Christian value. The heart-faceted amethyst encrypted in silver is considered the best gift for a bride by her bridegroom. This amethyst talisman brings newlyweds a blessing, happiness and peace of mind for many years.

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Amethyst jewellerys give people insight and helps to control evil thoughts. It is believed that a ring with amethyst brings luck in sports. However, the power of amethyst appears if it is worn temporarily, not permanently. This stone is very fond of travelers, because the change of its color during the day usually predicts a storm or strong wind. Someone put Amethyst jewelry under the pillow in order to see good dreams.

It is believed that amethysts has a healing energy of Yin and able to influence the Ajna chakra. Contemplation of amethyst removes nervous tension, causes sedation and therefore good for combating insomnia.
The water, in which amethyst has been emerged, is useful for restoration of cerebral circulation. In the past it was believed that amethyst amulet is able to protect its wearer from infection. Amethyst jewel should be cleaned regularly to be cleaned from the negative energy.

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Amethyst is a talisman for those born under the sign of Gemini .

It is also recommended for people born under the sign of Libra and Aquarius.

Amethysts are not recommended to be worn by Leo and Capricorn.

Wearing amethyst in certain lunar days – the third, seventh, eleventh – helps to establish contacts and to make acquaintances with the right people.

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